Weckerle has stepped up the game of “save environment” and now “eco friendly” is the new way of beauty. Other than traditional cosmetics multi material packaging the iconic MYCONIC component consists of 100% monomaterial. Therefore, no down recycling and no ending up at landfill is ensured. Exceptional is also the usage of 100% recycled and recyclable PET following the circular economy concept. This reworked plastic guarantees completely closed and pure recycle streams.

This new way of packaging innovation is ECOCERT certified and COSMOS conform.

That is not yet all: Weckerle is developing a version, which is 28% weight-reduced for less consumption and less transport costs.
The MYCONIC components are available for different formulas (including airtight filling) and various textures, such as eyeshadow, lipstick concealer and primer. Following the trend of multi filling options as e.g. mono and core filling, silicon and metal mould, there are no restriction.

With its straight and slanted tip design as well as limitless colour options, the MYCONIC is ready to set new standards for all existing and future cosmetics trends.

Weckerle GmbH
Holzhofstr. 26, 82362 Weilheim, Germany