Laurent Bourgoin, VP Sales & Marketing, Beauty & Personal Care Europe

Last year the acquisition of Polytop, a company specialized in high tech closures, show how MWV is strategically investing in the packaging solutions. It will indeed be next year that the group will be celebrating the 50 years in operation of its plant in Barcelona, which became in a few years the spearhead in Europe of its production strategy for pumps intended to the perfume and cosmetic and airless industry. The occasion also to announce some new investments in this segment. A few months ahead of schedule, Laurent Bourgoin, VP Sales & Marketing, Beauty & Personal Care Europe gives Premium Beauty News an update on the situation of his company.

Premium Beauty News - The pump sector has been posting impressive growth rates from one year to another!

Laurent Bourgoin - That’s right! And the forthcoming Luxe Pack event in Monaco will be an opportunity to show just how dynamic our group is in this field. We are launching two new sprays to complement the highly successful Melodie® pump that will provide the most advanced dispensing technology for the high-end luxury perfume market. This Spray Collection will build on MWV’s existing Melodie portfolio to enhance the luxury packaging experience. The new sprays feature the discreet, low-profile design that offers smooth actuation and an engine that disappears in the collar of the perfume bottle, completed by the patented invisible NoC® diptube empowered by the pre-compression spray technology for which Melodie pumps have earned a reputation in the Prestige fine fragrance market.

Premium Beauty News - In fact, you are broadening what you call "the Melodie Spray Collection!"

Laurent Bourgoin - The Melodie Spray Collection will be officially unveiled at Luxe Pack Monaco. With the new sprays in the Melodie Spray Collection, brand owners can now choose the best spray option matching the needs on which their brand strategy is focused, taking into account such sensitive factors specificities, targeted consumers, formula concentration and the season of the year. Through consumer tests, MWV’s research has evidenced that when consumers were asked to focus on sprays, they could easily differentiate and appreciate a variety of spray experiences. MWV’s research has shown that a fragrance’s spray can enhance the emotional connection to a brand.

Premium Beauty News - The fiftieth anniversary of your Barcelona plant that you will be celebrating next year should also be an opportunity to announce some new developments?

Laurent Bourgoin - You know that we have heavily invested in recent months in Barcelona in terms of production capacity for both our perfume and cosmetic airless pumps. I can already tell you that we are also working on new versions of our airless containers offering extended customization options and who will also benefit from new actuators. We will also offer more upscale bottles (PETG) and models specifically adapted for the delivery of smaller doses (200 microliters). In the same airless segment, we have extended our decoration offering with the support of some Spanish partners. In another area, we have also installed new machines for the assembly of spray cap actuators.

Premium Beauty News - Barcelona is not the only plant to benefit from these investments.

Laurent Bourgoin - Indeed! To meet growing demand, we are also investing in our plant in Milan to increase the production capacity on our Aria cosmetic pump but also in both our plants in Wuxi, China and in Mexico. In Italy alone, production was simply increased twofold this year.