Premium Beauty News – Broadly speaking, it seems that crisis has not too much impacted MWV’s performance. Why?

Thomas Jonas - Unfortunately crisis has not spared us by sheer magic! However, we reacted very quickly and we immediately adjusted our industrial tool to the new market reality.

As you remember, my responsibilities cover at the same time the whole dispensing part, namely, pumps (perfumery / cosmetics, personal care, etc..) for all applications and the pistol activity (triggers), but also the cardboard processing activity. And on the whole, it’s true, we will undoubtedly be one of the few companies in the universe of packaging to record better results this year than in 2008!

The main reason, beyond reorganizations, is the diversity of our business portfolio. The very strong demand related to H1N1 influenza with soap pumps where we are leaders, and taking market share in the European cardboard market or in cosmetic pumps, has helped us counterbalance the downfall experienced by the Perfume industry this year. We also notice that some new market segments are attracted by the pump, which allows our customers to reinforce the functionality of their packaging and therefore the value perceived by consumers.

Premium Beauty News - Of course people speak a lot of theincreasing demand for airless systems, with a market expected to double in the three next years. This must help quite a lot to boost the business you inherited from the Keltec company, when you took it over three years ago.

Thomas Jonas – Quite true! The ground covered in three years time, is impressive.

The whole production part, initially at Keltec in Holland, was dispatched and redeveloped in several sites worldwide to be closer to the needs of our customers. Spain, of course, where we have a historic factory in Barcelona, then Asia and now Mexico. Each of these units is set up on the same model in terms of production capacity to cope, you are right, with strong demand. Our ability to produce globally our airless systems offers flexibility to our customers for their launches, and this is one of our specificity.

The Research and Developments Center for Airless stayed in Holland, where there is a very creative team.

Premium Beauty News - Your airless range is like no other

Thomas Jonas – Actually, our technology is built around the Rolling Bellow that combines several functions in one single piece, thanks to its unique design. There is no metal spring, which eliminates some compatibility problems. The Luna and Pearl lines that range from 30 ml to 150 ml, offer an excellent evacuation rate and are easy to fill.

Premium Beauty News - Everyone is currently working on new airless designs. Particularly for new shapes. Of course it is your case too?

Thomas Jonas - Indeed! And some of these novelties should be created next year. Moreover, I insist on the fact that the Rolling Bellow technology is suitable for the development of new shapes.