While the kitchen and the bathroom were once two very distinct spaces, this no longer seems to be the case. The foods we’re used to seeing on our plates are now making their way into beauty kits, taking on a variety of forms, from oils to skincare creams to shampoos, serums and facial cleansers.

That’s nothing new, certainly. The cosmetics industry has long been drawing from our kitchen cupboards to exploit the virtues of natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, sugar, eggs and lemon. But age-old remedies and recipes are more than ever inspiring new beauty players. Let’s take a look at some of the latest contenders.

The nourishing powers of broccoli

Broccoli, for instance, would be packed with benefits, including countless cosmetic virtues still little known to many. Broccoli oil would have moisturizing and nourishing properties, both for skin and hair.

Dry, damaged or even dull hair will therefore appreciate the ability of broccoli to make it shinier and silkier. This brassica would also naturally tame frizz, and help make detangling easier. As such, it’s an ideal partner for shampoos and/or conditioners. The vegetable can be found in this form at Unbottled — a brand known for its responsible solid cosmetics — which combines broccoli, argan and green clay to promise shinier hair. The Compagnie des Sens chooses an organic virgin vegetable oil, while Freshly Cosmetics opts for a facial mask made of charcoal, seaweed, clays and broccoli enzymes.

Mustard gives hair a boost

In the past, the hair benefits of mustard have been applied in hair masks. There are now vegetable oils, or even shampoos, leveraging on the age-old ingredient. But mustard seeds would also have skin benefits. Brands such as WAAM Cosmetics, My Mira and MyCosmetik therefore offer mustard oils for hair and skin.

The purifying properties of onion

Essentially offered in the form of oil, the onion - and, in particular, the red onion - is an object of growing interest from the cosmetics industry. As soon as this year, we could start seeing creams, masks and serums formulated with its extracts.

If red onions are the beauty industry’s most coveted variety, it’s because they appear to be the richest variety in sulfur compounds. These are beneficial for hair, promoting its regrowth. But onion can also be a top ally for problem skin, thanks to its purifying virtues, helping fight against acne and reduce scarring. Still relatively little marketed, natural onion oil is proposed by certain retailers and specialized brands, as well as by the brand WAAM Cosmetics, which evidently has a taste for unusual natural ingredients.

But how far can this phenomenon go? It’s hard to say, as consumers are now very fond of natural cosmetics, relegating long-winded formulas to the back of their beauty kits. And, as we know, the riches of nature are virtually infinite. In fact, a French brand called Perlucine now even offers a whole range of cosmetics — for face, body and hair — with white oyster shell powder. They may not be crunchy, but they’re no less indulgent!