The Spanish beauty packaging supplier recently debuted its most sustainable jar ever. Part of its M3R family (standing for Molpack Recycled, Recyclable and Refillable family of products) the new M3R Jar features three fully customizable pieces:

 A glass jar with high transparency and weight at its base, to increase the premium feel of the final set;
 A two-layered cap made of PP on the inside and PP or post-consumer recycled (PCR) PP on the outside;
 A refill pod made of PP (ideal for containing a wide variety of cosmetic formulas) and also available with PCR material in the percentage the client desires (up to 100%). It is completely airtight until its moment of use.

Molpack’s M3R Jar was developed to be easily refillable once the product is finnished. Thanks to the inner pod’s design, which includes a tab that helps users remove it with minimum effort, and to replace it with a new one.

To cater with the needs, desires and positioning of each brand, the pack is fully customizable in colour and finish. In addition, the cap can be personalized with high or low relief engraving.

The M3R jar is currently available in 50 ml capacity. New size will be available soon, Molpack says.

The M3R range was born in January this year with the launch of the M3R Airless at Paris Packaging Week.