Lamar Caviar Perfume d’Eau by Kajal Perfumes Paris is the result of a collaboration between Microcaps, a Zurich-based start-up offering the patented microfluidic perfume pearls technology, Swiss fine fragrance house Luzi and niche fragrance brand Kajal Perfume Paris. Thanks to a unique formulation, the new ethanol-free perfume encapsulates its fragrance oil into Microcaps’ patented Perfume Pearls technology. The scent mist of perfume is released only upon application, when the alginate pearls break, preserving the scent until it is dispensed.

As the first-ever fine fragrance leveraging Microcaps’ Perfume Pearls technology, this scent introduces four new features that might open the way to a new fragrance experience for consumers:

 A luxurious appearance paired with a unique application, thanks to the natural alginate pearls preserving the precious fragrance oil. Upon spraying, the pearls break, releasing the fragrance.
 A non-sticky, non-milky application, thanks to the lightweight and transparent microfluidic formulation of the perfume, that contrasts with many emulsion-based, ethanol-free perfumes currently available on the market.
 A natural, vegan, and ethanol-free formula based on alginate pearls, that offers a safe application without causing irritation to skin or hair.
 A protected formulation, thanks to Microcaps’ patented perfume pearls.

This perfume has the vision to introduce ethanol-free fine fragrance to a broader audience through its additional values. Innovative product features, including a natural formulation, safe application, and luxurious visuals, provide compelling reasons for health-conscious luxury perfume consumers to embrace this ground breaking innovation. These elements collectively make it an attractive choice for those seeking a unique and refined fragrance experience,” said Microcaps in a statement.

The Microcaps technology was presented at the latest edition of the Fragrance Innovation Summit in Paris. Read our special issue dedicated to fragrance innovation, here.