For over ten years our group has been working with Heinz Glas. A long history which allows us to appreciate the true value of the gone through road.” For Michel Consul, Packaging Development Project Manager for Puig, the collaboration with the German glass maker is old story.

As a recent high point of this cooperation, the designing of the Ricci Ricci bottle for which the teams at Heinz Glas were able to immediately come up with the appropriate solutions thanks to their mastery of water-soluble lacquering. “It is true that Heinz Glas was a forerunner in this field,” underlines Michel Consul. “Truly the Ricci Ricci, bottle was not that easy to design because of a thick glass bottom and of that gradient lacquering.

Integration: an asset!

It is true that today’s Heinz Glas has nothing to envy with the Heinz Glas of the 1990s,” explains Michel Consul. “It is undoubtedly currently in the forefront of global glass manufacturers!

Main assets of the German glass maker, its constant will to innovate and to be technically integrated in terms of sophisticated finishing techniques. “It’s a real asset, admits Michel Consul, in particular this ability to perform and, therefore, control lacquering and metallization processes. This can only weight in positively on our future choices.

As for the production tool,” he insists, “there is nothing to say. Method and organization (cleanliness too!) are up to scratch!