Last year, Metsä Board sent a strong message to the market: that of proposing a non-coated liner which enabled to save up to 30% in weight while combining virgin fibres to high whiteness. Ideal for microfluting and small size packaging, Modo Northern Light has been very successful since its launch.

Metsä Board now offers Modo Northern Light in a coated version. This version is intended for the food industry, the cosmetic and the pharmaceutical industry, because like all products of the group, it is made from fresh fibres, and therefore with no risk of contaminating the container. It enables great performance in printing and corrugating and its high brightness offers great contrasts. It is also recommended for fluting.

Modo Northern Light coated comes in two versions:

- Modo Northern Light Litho was specially developed for litholamination, and also suitable for other offset applications,
- Modo Northern Light Flexo is ideal for flexo printing.