Since 2002, the office in Shanghai adapts comprehensive innovative and creative solutions. A team of designers is dedicated to serving all clients in the luxury segment: cosmetics, perfumery, wines & spirits, high-tech and even the food industry. In their hands, the Metsä Board paper and cardboard become sustainable packaging components.

The consumer is at the heart of the group’s approach: how is packaging used? How is it produced? Shared? Adapted? Many questions answered by the Shanghai office.

Metsä Board also offers a security service: with its scryptoTrace technology, the group has developed a comprehensive trademark protection platform via a digital smartphone application. A picture of the packaging is enough to provide the consumer with the information he is looking for, for example whether it is a counterfeit item or not.

All the tools proposed by Metsä Board via the Packaging Application Services can then be exploited by the whole marketing chain, designers, printers, advertising agencies, etc.