The French specialist of luxury package design keeps developing on new markets. Already present in the United States since 2013 with a sales agent, they now aim to go farther and have just opened a display space for their products.

Annette Der Minassian, Isaure de la Noue and Vahé Der Minassian, cofounders of Metapack celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company

We have recruited Stéphanie Bon as an Account Manager. She will directly report to François Damide, Director of the NYC-based Crafting Beauty company, which creates turnkey perfumes and also hosts the new showroom. The partnership was pretty timely,” explains Isaure de La Noue, Sales Manager and Associate of Metapack.

Just like in its Parisian equivalent, the room will showcase the company’s flagship products and standard ranges of solid perfume cases, sprays, and caps, whose demand keeps rising.

We aim to reach luxury brands, of course, given our positioning, but also niche brands, with which we already work a lot in Europe, and makeup and home fragrance brands,” adds Isaure de La Noue.

As they intend to strengthen their presence in the US, Metapack will take part in the Luxe Pack New York show with the support of the Paris sales team.

At the anniversary ceremony, last December, Metapack’s President Annette Der Minassian also announced the possibility to offer customers to connect their packaging, as soon as 2019. The company has just launched a partnership with Phone Me, the specialist of NFC connected labels.