With EUR 15 million in turnover in 2009, and 20 million in 2010, the growth of the French firm remains tonic.

Metapack is indeed establishing, a little more each day, its reputation in the production of sophisticated metal and plastic made packaging for the high-end segment of perfumery and cosmetics. As proof, these three recent launches including:

- A zamac injected cap for the 45 ml and 75 ml vial of Cartier de Lune with a PP insert assembled within the cap and a shiny white bronze galvanization.

- A zamac injected case, black tinted through electrophoresis and UV lacquered, for L’Artisan Parfumeur. Screen printing and enamelling where used for the decoration.

- Finally, a beautiful polished stainless steel timball hosting three references of scented candles for Juliette Has a Gun (Marilyn, Lucifer and Mary Jane).