Scott Rusch, Anomatic Corporation

Premium Beauty News - A new investment package that comes after the 10 million dollars already invested in 2014 in the development, among other things, of two new fully automated anodizing lines.... A substantial effort indeed?

Scott Rusch - Substantial, yes, but necessary! To remain competitive and be at the forefront of the aluminum parts processing technology, intended among others, to the beauty packaging sector, there are no other alternatives than to have the following qualities:

 Innovative to develop new solutions to growing markets.
 Scalable, to meet global demand.
 Responsive, to have the required industrial flexibility to react Instantly and meet customer demand.
 Vertically Integrated, to be one source for all the packaging needs of our customers, from design through assembly.
 Flexible, to be capable of creating any color, any finish, any decoration to perfectly extend the brand of our customer.
 Reliability, to consistently deliver high quality on time, every time.

Premium Beauty News - A "family" story that of Anomatic! And what a long way you have come since the initial manufacturing of ammunition cases intended for the US Army during the Vietnam War!

Scott Rusch - Indeed, we can say that we are one of the few family businesses in this sector in the world. We were even one of the first companies in 1965 - year of the founding of the company in Chicago - to really own the first automatic anodizing line, which was also patented two years later. In 1974, due to a need for increased capacity, the company moved in Westerville, Ohio. Fifteen years later, in the early 90s, we expanded our business with a new production facility in Newark, again in Ohio. In 2007, it’s the great leap forwards with the construction of a plant in China in Suzhou, an exact copy of our US units. In 2010, we invest to build a comprehensive tool and a die shop to expand the metal stamping capacity in the Connecticut facility to 27 metal stamping presses. This capacity increase enables Anomatic to design and build tooling onsite. En 2012, the LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) certified our building begins operations in New Albany, Ohio. In 2013, a cGMP room is built in Anomatic’s ISO 14001 certified plant in Suzhou, China. In 2014, the record result speaks for itself: we have six global offices ... we opted for vertical Integration ..., we are an integral part, on our site of New Albany, of a new Beauty campus, where are grouped more than fourteen companies in the sector... 95% of all tooling are built in-house... our total capacity is of 2.5B units..., and that same year two new anodizing lines were added. We own some 68 transfer presses, 27 assembly lines (including three new ones this year).

Premium Beauty News - You company has really specialized over the years in supplying anodized aluminum parts to the Beauty packaging industry?

Scott Rusch - Absolutely! And to achieve this, you had to have the highest anodizing capacities to stay ahead of consumer demand for beautiful products and packaging. The anodizing technique enables to increase sales by adding luxury and prestige, to extend the brand with custom colors and finishes, to stand out on the shelf amongst the competition, to customize a packaging with logos and artwork. Anomatic can reproduce Any color imaginable. Anomatic can achieve any appearance from bright high-gloss to matte and antique. The cold feel, reflective look, and pristine touch of metal push the limits for luxury brands.

Premium Beauty News - You have placed a strong focus on innovation!

Scott Rusch - That’s right with the creation of an Innovation & Design Centre. We have a team of dedicated innovation experts, consisting of chemical, product, industrial and manufacturing engineers; product development experts; and marketers. We provide a Custom Colour Matching, which enables a perfect color representation and a 3D rapid prototyping (metal and plastic). Finally we have a Product Library, showcasing the company’s 50 year history.

Premium Beauty News - This year 2015 is marked by a major new investment on the site of New Albany!

Scott Rusch - The site expansion has just begun. It is a $ 12.5m investment, which consists in doubling the size of the first level by adding 70,000 sq. ft. The unit hosting the assembly machines is going to grow from 6,500 sq. ft. to 17,500 sq. ft. There will also be an additional 21,000 sq. ft. of warehousing and approx 22,500 sq. ft. of Class 100,000 Cleanroom manufacturing space to be added for new technologies.

Premium Beauty News - The environment is of course an essential parameter for a particularly sensitive industry like yours.

Scott Rusch - Anomatic is committed to global environmental sustainability through innovation and is dedicated to exceeding standards worldwide. We continually reinvest in state-of-the-art environmental and recycling equipment. We transform aluminium, which is 100% recyclable.