Left to right: Almir Barberini and Lauro B. M. Silva

Left to right: Almir Barberini and Lauro B. M. Silva

With thirty-transfer presses and fourteen anodizing lines, 30% of Bristol Pivaudran’s production are intended today for the manufacture of spray pump covers, 50% to that of various closures for the perfume and cosmetic industry and nearly 20% for the manufacture of lipstick tubes. "Our partnership with Pivaudran, explains Almir Barberini, dates back to 2002 and it was a real turning point in the development of our company thanks to the experience and technological contribution provided by our French partner." Not surprisingly, Bristol Pivaudran’s biggest customers are called Aptar, MWV, Rexam for pump covers, O’Boticario, Natura, Avon, Coty for all the other products...

"To continue and develop ourselves and to cope, especially since these last three years, with Asian competitors, there was only one solution, namely to automate and increase our anodizing capacity," explains Lauro B. M. Silva.

A solution, however not that simple to implement for the Brazilian firm for financial reasons but also in terms of availability of industrial areas. Obviously, there was a lack of space at the factory and headquarters of Cumbica-Guarulhos and the new building recently acquired on the other side of the street came at the right time.

And then there’s also the social side! "Social responsibility" is also one of the home-made characteristics established and maintained by the two Directors, Almir Barberini and Lauro B. M. Silva. And it is given the place of honour in the brochure and the film introducing the company. Probably a great deal more than in a number of European companies. "Does that surprise you?" enquires Lauro B. M. Silva. When it comes to actions, a daily session of collective gymnastics to keep the body and brain fit. And that’s not all! Training, food, harmonious organization of work stations ... Everything has been carefully scrutinized.

Flexibility and variety in colours!

"Undoubtedly, our main economic asset, is decision-making and the flexibility of our production tool for large orders as much as for smaller batches" emphasises Almir Barberini. “Not to mention our ability to offer a wide variety of different colours for our anodized parts."

In any case, spirits are high at the Cumbica-Guarulhos plant. If only because of the annual growth rate of the Brazilian perfume and cosmetic market. "For example the two largest Brazilian brands in the sector, alone, have forecast growth rates of 15% to 22% per year, over the next five years," revealed Almir Barberini.