The one-stop-shop supplier of product and retail solutions for the beauty industry, has developed a complete manufacturing system for mixing and filling liquid personal care products to meet the increasing demand for personalization from indie start-ups to global brands. The system delivers small batches of made-to-order formulations that can be tailored based on the preferred active ingredients, fragrance and colour.

Ready-to-go customizable formulas

Thanks to this technology, long runs of liquid products such as shampoo and shower gel can be replaced with shorter production runs with varying degrees of customization. Brands can access Meiyume’s existing library of 60 ready-to-go formulas and packaging with turnaround times of 5-7 days from order placement to delivery once set up.

Brands interested in co-developing a turnkey ‘MOQ of 1’ concept, can therefore select their preferred active ingredients, fragrance, and colour, to unlock thousands of possible formulations which can be paired with Meiyume’s ready-to-go packaging solutions.

The one-size-fits-all approach has given way to the ultra-personalization model in beauty. With our new offering, we can add in different elements that resonate with your brand identity, and packaging finishes to give your products a bespoke touch. What you get is an end product that is perceived as more sophisticated and valuable, creating greater customer stickiness,” said Chin Wooi Cheang, Executive Director of Global Manufacturing Operations at Meiyume.