Thanks to the acquisition, since 2007, of eleven companies with complementary businesses, the Hong Kong-based Meiyume company, the beauty division of the Fung Group, now offers a wide-ranging business model covering formulation, packaging – primary and secondary – and digital retail solutions.

Turnkey solutions

Upstream, the “product solutions” unit takes care of development and production, at all stages of the value chain. The R&D laboratory defines the formulation and sourcing, mainly for skincare and makeup, as well as the package design, in a pack developed in-house or suggested by the customer.

We are not just contract packagers, we need to add value to a project”, says François Camilli, Executive Vice President – Meiyume Europe.

The company has five factories around the world, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. They are focused on the skincare, makeup, and fragrance formulation business: the facilities meet mixing, filling and supply requirements for all formulas, whether they are powders, water-based, or alcohol-based.

This way, we can formulate and fill in several locations around the world. It makes it possible to build supply chains according to the brands’ needs and the markets they wish to target. We can also work with partners on a ’make or buy’ basis, so we can have the desired ’Made In’ label on the products, depending on the brands’ requests”, adds François Camilli.

Meiyume’s expertise also includes the design and development of primary packaging, as well as the design of promotional products. Production is outsourced to a network of ten exclusive partners mainly based in China.

We are known for our ability to arrange the supply chain for complex multi-material packaging. One of our best examples is the orchestration of eleven factories producing 17 components to deliver a finished product to our customers. The notion of added value is always paramount”, emphasizes the manager.

Digitalization and in-store customer experience

Finally, to support brands from A to Z, the company offers the technological implementation of retail solutions. To help set up traditional POS advertising, Meiyume is now able to collect the feelings and behaviour of consumers at the point of sale via digital technology.

Through data and analysis, we have the technical means to inform our clients of consumers’ reactions to the products when they see them on display, all over the world”, says François Camilli. “This information helps them define their target or product more precisely, if necessary”, he continues.

Through its OneHome platform, a suite of applications integrated to POS ads, brands can manage the installing, updating and maintenance process for in-store displays.

In addition, connected displays can adapt the interactive experience to the audience. For example, a screen fitted with a facial analysis camera adjusts the video content shown according to the gender of the person facing it.

Already widespread in Asia, these digital experiences at the point of sale should soon develop in Europe, according to François Camilli.