In need of gift ideas just before Christmas? The games in the Master Parfums collection can save your day.

Intended for amateurs at all levels, from neophytes to perfume enthusiasts, the games will allow the former to learn about perfume culture and the latter to test and maybe even deepen their knowledge.

Launched in November 2018, the POCKET QUIZ, first of the collection, is a quiz with 120 questions and answers on perfume that has been trusted by the Beauty professional community and awarded a CosmetiqueMag award for Brand content (indies).

The second one, the OLFACTORY GAME & BOOK, launched in November 2019 and will enrich the collection with an olfactory and creative dimension: 120 new questions, 40 olfactory challenges, 1 educational booklet, 12 scent pens and 100 blotters. Those who already own the Pocket Quiz will be able to add it to their Olfactory Game and double the quantity of questions! Players will be able to practice to recognize different accords, and then, try to assemble them to create new ones and sketch out a fragrance.

The Olfactory Game will stimulate your olfactory memory, and also help you discover a simple and efficient vocabulary to let you easily describe and express your olfactory emotions.

The ideal gift for perfume enthusiasts who are always searching for new ways to explore their passion. They might also be inspired to share this passion and to pass on a Master Parfums Olfactory game to their friends and family.

The game will also allow students and members of the profession to challenge their knowledge and even deepen their expertise.

With over 20 years of experience in Perfume international training, I wanted to share my passion and simplify perfume education in order to promote its culture to the widest audience,” explains Anne-Laure Hennequin, the creator.