Targeted growth

A real saga the Italian way, the story of this company created by David Chant, a former executive from L’Oreal who specialized in formulating and manufacturing mascara. A true talent, which incidentally obliged him to wait patiently for a year, the necessary time for him to be released from the restraint of trade clause, before he could set off alone on a big adventure in 2002 with the help of a small network of subcontractors.

David Chant, CEO, Mascara Plus

David Chant, CEO, Mascara Plus

After two years spent alone in Turin, our man starts to structure his business internally and settles in the actual existing plant on the outskirts of Milan in 2005. A pivotal year where the firm displays a turnover of EUR 400,000. Four years later, the figure exceeds EUR 3 million and the production capacity of 25 tons / month is no longer sufficient.

And we have specialized solely on mascara and we are staying on it! No question of getting involved in other products. We are already finding it difficult to supplying. Why diversify?”, insists David Chant.

A mascara with a double brush

The reasons for success? “Precisely this specialty, says Alistair Beavan, Director of Operations, and of course the quality of our products. Incidentally, one is the result of the other”.

And then there are a few tricks like the double brush mascara developed by the Italian firm with a special machine installed in Asia but belonging to the company. The brush can lengthen, define and give volume to eyelashes at once.

There is above all the acknowledged qualities of our formulations,” underlines David Chant, “which allow us to position ourselves at all levels of the market.

To meet strong market demand, the firm has equipped itself, last October, with a filling and labeling line capable of processing 30 000 pieces / day. Investment cost: EUR 200,000.

And we have no intention of stopping our efforts, says David Chant, since we have plans to purely and simply double the production workshop by the end of 2010”.