David Chant, CEO

David Chant, CEO

Premium Beauty News - So you were right to move to Inzago!

David Chant - Yes, absolutely! The operation cost us 3 million euros, which is a heavy investment for a young company like ours, but we had no choice. The plant has a total capacity, depending on the number of production hours, of more than 30 tonnes per month, sometimes as much as three times that. And the filling workshop has a capacity of 75,000 pieces a day. We also have our own brush production line with an output of 60,000 brushes per day.

Premium Beauty News - One of your strengths remains your search for new formulas.

David Chant - One of our latest developments is our mascara, which you’re familiar with, composed of two different formulas with different viscosities that are mixed just before application. We’re also working on other brand-new formulas, which we’ll probably be presenting at the next Cosmoprof in Bologna and maybe at MakeUp in Seoul too.

Our chemists and R&D departments are constantly researching natural materials to develop the most innovative mascaras. After thorough research, our chemists conduct compatibility testing through emulsifying trials, before then performing quality control on the chemical-physical parameters (pH, viscosity & density) of the finished product.

Once stability testing is complete, Mascara Plus’ laboratory sends mascara bulk to external labs for microbiological testing and chemical quality control.

Depending on what service the client wants, for example a bulk, bulk & filling or full service, our labs perform the necessary compatibility testing of the applicator, packaging in respect to the bulk.

In addition to the aforementioned laboratory, we opened our second laboratory in Thailand several months ago, which explains why we are so interested.