Eric Bouvier, current CEO of Strand Cosmetics Europe, and Ludovic Hericher,...

Eric Bouvier, current CEO of Strand Cosmetics Europe, and Ludovic Hericher, CEO of Marvinpac

Already partners within the joint-venture MS Swiss Cosmetics, France’s Strand Cosmetics Europe and Switzerland’s Marvinpac are creating MS BEAUTiLAB, a new entity resulting from the merger of Strand Cosmetics Europe and the cosmetics business of Marvinpac. Their aim is to create “one of the European leaders in the beauty and well-being sector.” With three production and filling sites in the Czech Republic, in France and in Switzerland, the new entity also aims to provide more flexibility and agility to its customers. The Chinese sourcing entity may also support primary and secondary packaging projects for Full Service offers.

Effective as of 1st January 2020, the merger is targeting a consolidated turnover of EUR 100 million by 2024. The group employs more than 250 people in Europe (France, Switzerland, Czech Republic), the USA and China.

The only player to offer full-service made-in-France and made-in-Switzerland beauty solutions wants to conquer the hearts of French, Swiss and international brands with its innovative product, concept and technology strategy implemented within the framework of an eco-responsible approach,” explain the two companies in a joint statement.

Skin care and make-up

Under the joint management of Eric Bouvier, current CEO of Strand Cosmetics Europe, and Ludovic Hericher, CEO of Marvinpac, MS BEAUTiLAB will be structured into two specialised Business Units: MS Advanced Skincare Solutions, headed by Camille Schmit Deroin, for skincare, and Strand High Tech Color Cosmetics, headed by Denis Richard Orliange, for makeup.

Each Business Unit is structured around four departments - Project, Product Marketing, Sales, R&D - facilitating the detailed analysis of the target market and its trends, a collaborative internal and external agile work mode and relevant and personalised recommendations,” writes the release.

The creation of two Business Units should help to increase the specialisation of the staff in order to deliver more expertise, creativity, innovation and reactivity with a view to addressing the time-to-market, robustness, and performance demands of the group’s clients.

"There is specialized make-up equipment, particularly in the French site, but all of the facilities are available to each of the Business Units and production operations will be organized according to customer priorities: schedule, volume, origin requirement (made in France, Swiss made, etc.),” Éric Bouvier and Ludovic Hericher told Premium Beauty News.