Marie Alice held a Masters in Industrial Pharmacy from the Industrial Pharmacy Institute of Lyon (IPIL) and a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences of Lyon (ISPB). She spent 15 years in France and the United States working for the beauty, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She occupied various positions, from formulation to R&D mangement at Bourjois-Chanel, Beauty Naturally, Aroma Vera and Darja Lab.

In 2000, Marie Alice founded Alice Communications Inc. a consulting company, servicing the biotech, pharma and beauty industries on business development, communication, regulatory and innovation, before establishing more recently The WonderLab, with the aim to promote innovation in beauty and support new product developments.

Her experience ranged from product development to marketing, through regulatory affairs, business development and manufacturing. In recent years, she had been particularly instrumental in alerting and educating the industry on the major role of the skin microbiome.

Many of the people who crossed her path have wished to share their memories here, and pay her a last tribute:

Thierry Magnet, General Manager of Gattefossé France - "In addition to being a passionate professional in the sphere of beauty and health, endlessly exploring the main scientific trends that would make tomorrow’s cosmetic successes, Marie-Alice was also true in friendship and never missed an opportunity to reunite former university fellows, when her frequent flights across the Atlantic allowed her to do so. The many tributes to her memory that have been appearing on social media these past weeks highlight the imprint she will leave in our industry. Her friends will also remember her as a joyful, happy and passionate woman."

Marie Drago, founder of Gallinée - "For me Marie Alice was really the cement of the cutaneous microbiome community. She succeeded in bringing together and encouraging direct competitors to collaborate in a unique atmosphere. She always delivered new and avant-garde insights. She was clearly passionate, but nonetheless realistic and idealistic and she really believed that the microbiome could change the industry for the better. And thanks to her we all think the same way".

Elsa Jungman, founder of Elsi Beauty - "Marie-Alice was so brilliant and yet so approachable. When we met in October 2016 in Orlando she immediately introduced me to a community that I knew very little of, inviting me as a speaker to the Premium Beauty News conferences. I will dedicate my conference in Boston to her (an event she should have attended) and the one in Rotterdam in May."

Caroline Pondville, International Trainer at Diptyque - "I met Marie-Alice while I was working at Parfums Christian Dior. She was a woman of passion and culture, with a lot of resources and a contagious enthusiasm. Her untimely passing away is a great loss for the world of science and cosmetics. She brought such a clear, simple and accessible vision of science and the microbiome. I was very saddened by the loss of such a sincere and generous woman with whom I forged lasting friendships. Thanks to you Marie-Alice for those delicious moments we shared together."

Laurence Moulin, General Manager, CEW France - "Marie-Alice was a member of the CEW. Many of us knew and appreciated her for both her professional and human qualities. She had a great talent in explaining with clarity and precision how the latest scientific discoveries would influence the future of beauty. Her speeches at the last two editions of the Journée de la Beauté organized by the CEW France had left us all, impressed and enthusiastic. She had also inspired us a lot and helped us for their preparation".
Pauline Gaillard, Marketing Engineer, Gattefossé - "I was lucky enough to meet Marie-Alice and she will continue to inspire me throughout my professional career. This woman was a shining example of charisma and intelligence ... Marie-Alice had an idea every second on ten subjects at the same time and always with a remarkable, thorough and well-argued accuracy. She stood out in this sphere of beauty and never used artifacts but science to innovate, shift the lines and stir the mentalities ... We will miss her as will this entire profession."

Anne Charpentier, founder and CEO, Skinobs - "With emotions I pay tribute to Marie-Alice Dibon, a woman of lively and elegant intelligence, authentic and passionate. Regularly we exchanged and I thank her for supporting me with regular and sustained encouragements. Pioneer of the approach of the Microbiome in skin care, she has marked in a singular way the world of Research and Innovation in cosmetics, in France and in the United States. She was always committed to connecting the experts and sharing her scientific vision of cosmetics trough her various articles, conferences and meeting."

Laurie Dewandel, Communication Manager at Capsum - "What a sad news to hear about Marie-Alice unexpected death but I know for sure that the beauty industry will keep her work and spirit alive. I remember a positive and smiling women, talented in spotting the next big topic -always based on highly scientific data, not just a marketing trend- and in connecting people. Passionate about innovation and research, she liked pushing the beauty industry to the next step, to the next level. And in the future, so will do our industry, following leads and exploring paths she shown us. We already miss her…

Hugo Willemin, Trend Forecaster & Brand Strategist - "I started working with Marie-Alice in 2015 because she wanted to connect science and society. The Science & Trends equation was born, as well as a beautiful friendship. With her brilliant, dazzling and free spirit, Marie-Alice was interested in everything and managed to combine creativity with rationality. With a visionary state-of-mind she was never short of arguments, and she was one of the first to talk about microbiota to the beauty industry. However, Marie-Alice never limited herself to a single issue and explored a broad range of different topics. Actually, we were already considering future issues for the cosmetics industry (e.g. synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, etc.). Her passionate and generous personality magnetized everyone she met. Marie-Alice has not disappeared ... our mischievous ’free bird, happy nerd’ will continue to inspire me and all of us".

Éva Lagarde, Sales and Marketing Manager, Premium Beauty News - "We had the opportunity to work together for the preparation of a conference. She always had good arguments and what it took to defend her point of view, in a straight forward way."

Sandie Jaidane, Marketing, Communication & Sales Opérations EMEA - "I met Marie-Alice when I was working for Beyond Beauty Paris. In 2007 I had created a series of European and American summits dedicated to natural cosmetics and Marie-Alice helped me build and animate the second edition organized in New York. It was an immediate professional and friendly match! She worked as quickly and efficiently as she spoke. Her keen mind, her relevance and her visionary side, coupled with a huge capacity for work immediately seduced me and we decided, later on, to build and animate together a plethora of conferences, round tables and summits. She was restless and she opened her whole network to me and loved to create synergies. Her thirst for learning, for understanding and analyzing everything and come up with something that would be of help to her relatives, the cosmetics industry and consumers, prevailed on the notoriety and authorship of her analysis. She liked to help and share the things she had discovered… all the things and right away, on every social media"

Kristel Milet, journalist, Premium Beauty News - "I met Marie Alice 10 years ago, when she was contributing through her scientific experience, to the Beyond Beauty Magazine. We continued to exchange for Premium Beauty News, sharing her visionary insights on the microbiome revolution. Bright, snappy, approachable, passionate and always available, it was a pleasure and an honor to work with her."