Marc-Antoine Barrois has opened his first luxury fragrance flagship in Piccadilly Arcade, London in September 2022. This first British outlet is a replica of his perfume boutique in Galerie Véro-Dodat, Paris, France.

The Parisian couturier thus opens his first flagship out of France in the iconic Piccadilly Arcade home to the finest independent, handcrafted specialists in London where contemporary style meets Edwardian grandeur.

A dreamlike universe

Inspired by the charm, the nostalgia and the whimsical of British children’s books such as Mary Poppins and Peter Pan, Marc-Antoine Barrois at Piccadilly Arcade welcomes visitors to immerse themselves into his imaginary world partially inspired by the magic of Alice in Wonderland.

The designer has teamed up with architect and artist Antoine Bouillot, founder of the Honneur Society studio, to create a giant blue rabbit statue. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by this giant blue rabbit that magically appears upside down through a mirrored ceiling as they enter a fantasy world filled with emotions.

All the fragrances are displayed on handcrafted sculptures made from wood, Alabaster stone and glass. These natural raw materials are used to create key design features such as; wood carvings, varnished plane trees and glass wall panels made with maple sugar and ginger, which brings a unique aesthetic design combining a modern traditional style.

From couture to fragrances

Marc-Antoine Barrois perfumes were born in 2016 with the aim of redefining timeless refinement, genuine approach filled with emotions and sincerity transporting the wearer to new imaginary worlds. His first creation, B683, composed with perfumer Quentin Bisch launched in 2016, ten years after the opening of his couture house.

The story between the creative duo couturier and perfumer continued in 2017 with the first home fragrance released, N°VI candle, followed by the success of award-winning Ganymede in 2019. In 2020, they carried on with the creation of B683 Extrait, the fleshy side of B683. Two years later, N°XIII candle was released. The two designers have built an friuitful creative partnership and continue to collaborate with Encelade, the most recent addition to their fragrance collection launched in May 2022.

Thoughtful consumption

The core of Maison Marc-Antoine Barrois is to offer tailor-made clothing, a thoughtful consumption of clothes with a timeless style, which have not travelled around the planet twice and are long-lasting. This Corporate Social Responsibility extends to the brand’s fragrances, 100% made in France, without preservatives and controversial UV filters, which are considered as possible endocrine disruptors. A sustainable approach to packaging means there is no cellophane wrapping on the perfume boxes, instead, there is a self-adhesive hologram label that guarantees the authenticity of products without the use of plastic. In addition to being reusable, these same boxes are entirely recyclable.