At the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards — which each year crowns fashion’s finest — the star stepped out in a Thom Browne ensemble that didn’t fail to wow the photographers and guests in attendance. But it was her lipstick that set social networks on fire. And that’s because the American celebrity made a bold move in choosing an unmissable matte grey lipstick, which has clearly gone down a storm.

Going gray

And that’s all it took. On TikTok, the favorite social network of young people in search of new beauty inspirations, the hashtag #greylipstick has already scored nearly three million views. This reflects growing interest in this trend. The result is a host of videos featuring the supermodel’s beauty look, but also in even more extravagant and futuristic variations.

This trend has emerged in a context where beauty seemed above all to be embracing more vibrant colours, as if reflecting a need to rise up against the prevailing mood of gloom. Grey — a neutral colour symbolizing elegance and futurism, but also monotony, melancholy, even sadness — is ultimately part of a broader trend marked by a certain nostalgia.

Actually, it’s becoming clear — as evidenced by social networks — that grey is gradually becoming the flagship colour of the season, and for all types of beauty looks. Notching up no less than 2 million and 1 million views, respectively, the hashtags #greymakeup and #greyeyeshadow show just how much European and North-American social media users are starting to see themselves in grey this winter.