It is essential in all makeup cases, and a flagship eye makeup product: mascara has shown to be recession proof, and is used every day by a great number of women. Whether they prefer a curl or longlash effect, the main thing they wish to do is intensify their look with mascaras that can draw people’s attention. For Luxcos, the trend is definitely towards seeking an immediate and fast effect, with greater simplicity and an easier application.

The first benefit consumers seek is volume, most of the time with an additional effect,” underlines Christophe Delas, Director of Luxcos. “All-in-one formulas are also increasingly popular: our best seller formula, Lash Attract, is part of this category.

Instantaneously efficient

Days are increasingly punctuated by professional, family and leisure activities, therefore people are constantly trying to gain time, and consumers want efficient and simple products. “ Mascaras with immediate effect are thus extremely popular, that’s why we developed Plump My Lashes, a formula that instantaneously curves lashes. Our R&D laboratory is currently focusing on new formulas to apply more product even faster,” continues Christophe Delas.

Consumers also like products that can be removed with hot water, which again has to do with gaining time and simplifying the makeup ritual.

Between black and natural

The mascara colour also plays a significant role. According to Luxcos, consumers want blacker and blacker products enriched in pigments for an even deeper look. Objective: maximum seduction in less time. So the Luxembourg company now holds a patent for the use of an ingredient able to intensify the colour of its mascaras: the “black maker”.

Naturalness seems to be to the fore this summer, with mascaras in line with the natural colour of eyelashes: brown and amber are back, as well as mascaras for lashes and hair. At MakeUp in Paris, Luxcos will thus showcase fluid, gliding textures for supple lashes, or various finishes (wet, matte, vinyl) in line with this need for discreet sublimation.

Eyeliners have not been left behind, with the ever fashionable black ones adorning themselves with vinyl reflections, or ultra-bright colours for an unforgettable style. At MakeUp in Paris, Luxcos will reveal the Bahia collection, formulated with rich shades of intense blue or pearly green pigments.

Comfort and long wear for lips

As for lips, Luxcos considers consumers mainly aim at differentiating themselves with innovative textures that are pleasant to wear and last long.

As for lipgloss, we are done with sticky formulas: the trend is now towards comfortable and creamy textures. Liquid lipsticks, long-lasting lip lacquers and glosses such as our Everlasting, which can be worn for eight hours, have not been left behind, nor have double effect hybrid formulas,” underlines Aurélie Ignaccolo, Marketing Manager at Luxcos.

Lip inks make a good compromise between lip colouring, a light texture and long wear, and are also very trendy. “They offer an alternative solution to classic red lipsticks, and maximum comfort,” concludes Aurélie Ignaccolo.