After a limited edition co-branded with Coca-Cola, Morphe has presented a line of makeup created in collaboration with American dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler. Marked by fantasy and poetry, the essentials of the collection have been designed for young, creative and colorful looks.

Maddie Ziegler. Does the name ring any bells? Well it should for the billions who watched her dance in the 2014 video for Sia’s "Chandelier." Aged only 12 at the time, Ziegler, wearing a platinum blonde wig, created a sensation with a mesmerizing performance in what was to become one of the most talked-about dance videos ever to be streamed on YouTube. Now, with a few weeks left to run until her 18th birthday, she is back with a collaboration with the cosmetics brand Morphe.

Today the young woman has several strings to her bow. As a dancer, model and actress, Maddie Ziegler is as dazzling as ever, and she has also become enormously influential on social networks with some 13.6 million followers on Instagram. With this latest venture, she has realized one of her ambitions: to be the co-creator of a makeup collection for the Morphe cosmetics brand.

But there is no question of Maddie taking herself too seriously with this new project. On the contrary, it is an invitation to enter a fantasy world worthy of "Alice in Wonderland" with an ultra-colorful palette, and plenty of dazzle and glitter. A case in point is one of the key pieces of the collection: a 20-pan eyeshadow palette with matte, metallic and iridescent finishes, which includes such bold colors as fluorescent yellow, glittering violet, rust and jade.

The Morphe x Maddie Ziegler collection is completed by a dew stick and three lip and cheek tints that offer color without too much coverage. The collection will be available online from from June 25.