Premium Beauty News - Fifteen editions of “MakeUp In” and 1,000 exhibitors, what an adventure! By the way, what is the figure concerning the number of visitors?

Sandra Maguarian - Cumulatively over the six previous years, more than 27,000! Jean-Yves Bourgeois and I, as you can imagine, are very proud of having reached such a level. Like any adventure, it was hard to imagine six years ago that we would reach these figures. A proof if need be that the concept is good.

Premium Beauty News - Precisely, why is it good?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - We already had occasion to say, but it’s always worth repeating that MakeUp in’s are events that are centred on the entire make-up and skincare sector, and nothing else.

This means that visitors in a few hours can get a complete overview of what this industry has to offer, from ingredients to accessories including formulation and packaging. What is important is the balance between formulation manufacturers who represent the bulk of our exhibitors and other industrial sectors (ingredients, packagings and accessories). This balance is crucial as it determines the type of visitorship which, in turn, consists mostly of people coming from Marketing departments (almost 60%), followed by Purchasing and Development teams. This "privileged" access of exhibitors to Marketing teams, can only be found in our various MakeUp In’s across the world.

Premium Beauty News - What explains the popularity of your events among brands?

Sandra Maguarian - Because with our MakeUp In events they not only find the formulation manufacturers they are looking for, but they also can take advantage of an atmosphere "of its own" that we have always worked on and privileged, by creating many make-up animations thanks to the participation, among others, of schools but also of numerous make-up artists. Let’s say "An atmosphere" that’s closer to "Fashion" with a capital "F" than to an umpteenth traditional Beauty show.

Premium Beauty News - Speaking of traditional beauty events, there is indeed no lack of offer!

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - Each exhibitor, each visitor at the four MakeUp In’s in the world is aware of that, because he actually experienced it himself. This quality and high level of contacts is seen nowhere else. Experience it! You just need to visit one of our shows to get a grasp of the business level at the stands.

It’s true that there is an increasing number of events taking place across the world. But if new ones are created, it means that the others are not satisfactory. The question on large or multisectorial shows can be raised. But this is not the subject here! Our strategy is clear! The whole make-up and skincare industry, and nothing but the make-up and skincare industry! When you start to cast the net far and wide, you’re bound to failure. Every packaging trade show, no matter how successful, remains a packaging trade show with "packaging" visitors. And a multisectorial trade show remains a multisectorial trade show. For my part, I have never seen exhibitors express themselves as positively and as spontaneously in writing on these events, as they do with us! And even when everything is not perfect, we do not hesitate to say so!

Premium Beauty News - Indeed the recent MakeUp in New York was not perfect!

Sandra Maguarian - It’s true! But we explained why and drew necessary conclusions from it! Precisely the new venue is magnificent. Not to say exceptional, entirely in the image of what we have always strived to achieve so far and what we will continue to focus on in the future. And Jean-Yves Bourgeois and I know that manufacturers trust us. Because along the years, a sort of particular alchemy has developed between us. This comes from this mutual commitment that brings us together four times a year. A commitment to make this event as successful as possible. Nothing more, nothing less!

Premium Beauty News - You have a new event starting in 2016 in Los Angeles! Yet another one?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - Don’t be mistaken! First, you must know that if we created this new event, it’s because we were asked to! It’s as simple as that. When we created MakeUp in Paris, we were asked to create MakeUp in New York. Ditto for Seoul and Sao Paulo. For Los Angeles, the picture is different. Demand for an event on the West Coast was very high. But we didn’t want to create "another event" in North America. So we chose this formula that is closer to high-level networking intended for a highly targeted population in a format where are more privileged meetings, conferences and workshops than the "exhibition" side itself. Hence the name "MakeUp in Action". And it’s going to be successful for sure!

Premium Beauty News - Your plans for 2016?

Sandra Maguarian - Long live 2016! This will be our seventh year! The age of reason! And I want to thank all the make-up and skincare manufacturers for having accompanied us so far and for continuing to do so next year. And we can only repeat what they already know, "Together, make each of these events as successful as possible for the greatest benefit of this marvellous industry."