Sandra Maguarian, MakeUp inParis' Show Manager

Sandra Maguarian, MakeUp inParis’ Show Manager

The making-off of the make-up

MakeUp in Paris will bring together for the first time in the same venue the making-off of the make-up: developers and formulators, packaging manufacturers, converters, full-service businesses, designers, make-up schools and make-up artists.

While there no more exhibition space available, the organisers say that: “nearly 400 people have so far pre-registered online. For a very large part, they work in marketing, development and purchasing teams and not only from the big names in the Beauty industry but also from a number of small to medium sizes companies”. A wide variety of geographical areas are represented: Western Europe, of course, North and South America, Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia.

Featured "Make-up animations"

Each of the 32 partners received his roadmap to organize in the best way his presentation space and actively participate to the make-up animations which will enliven these two days dedicated in staging their products,” says Sandra Maguarian, MakeUp inParis’ Show Manager.

Make-up schools and renowned make-up Artists such as Damien Dufresne, Max Herlant, or Takuya Motohashi will co-operate to this animations.

Each of the industrial partners is going to stage his products at a given time and during a determined period of time. Thirty make-up animations will be set-up in the aisles of MakeUp in Paris, truly comparable to plays showing visitors major make-up trends in the world. “Suprise and amazement will be at the turn of every aisle, every showroom or showbox to welcome visitors.

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever, the renown French brand of professional make-up, spontaneously adopted the concept of MakeUp in Paris by providing their assistance in the setting-up of the “make-up spaces”. The brand will also detail its success story during a conference where Dany Sanz and Jacques Waneph will explain how a make-up virtuoso launched successfully a training school and then a make-up line for professionals, which ended up being one of LVMH group’s biggest commercial success.

Furthermore, the CEW France, an association gathering about 270 women who all have responsibilities in the Beauty business, will organize a meeting on the occasion of MakeUp in Paris.