Visitors of the second edition of MakeUp in NewYork, which will take place on 12 and 13 September 2012 at the Studio 450, 450 West 31st street in New York, will have the opportunity to attend three round tables titled:

- Do major make-up trends in Europe have an influence on the North American ones and vice versa?
- Why is the Full-Service offer an underlying trend and how far will it go?
- Make-Up Artist and make-up Innovation, a winning complicity.

It will be a premiere for the MakeUp in NewYork show,” say the organizers. Indeed, following the success of the first edition, the show doubles its surface and allocates a dedicated area to conferences.

Transatlantic trends

The first roundtable (September 12th from 10:30am to 12:00pm), titled Make-up: What is the mutual influence between Europe and North America?, will try to build a bridge between both continents. Led by H. Douglas Thornley, co-founder of Impact Colors, it will bring together Dominique Bouvier, Strand Cosmetics Europe; Mario de Luigi, B.Kolormakeup & Skincare; Renato Ancorotti, Ancorotti Cosmetics; Eric Vanin, Qualipac America and Barbara Bauer-Kropf, Schwan Cosmetics.

Full service

Titled Strengths and limitations of the full service offer, the second roundtable (September 12 from 3pm to 4:30pm) will explore the development full service in the cosmetics industry. “This is probably what has most changed the economic landscape in the beauty sector in recent years. In a survey conducted in 2006 among a hundred cosmetic brands in Europe, 20% of respondents said they relied almost entirely on outsourcing... Four years later, they were almost 40%,” explain the organisers of MakeUp in New York. However, what are the limits of outsourcing? Can everything be outsourced? The round table will be moderated by Jamie Matusow from the Beauty Packaging magazine, with the participation of Jill Tomandl, Stila Cosmetics, as a "witness", and: Philippe Cohen, Oxygen Development; Marc-André Houx, Shya Hsin Packaging USA; Mauricio Pachon from Weckerle Cosmetics; Debra Mc Donough, Cosmolab and Nick Gardner, HCT USA.

Make-up artists

The third round table (September 13th from 10:30am to 12), titled Make-Up Artist and make-up innovation, the winning couple, will focus on the role of make-up artists in the development of new products and their contribution to innovation, from new formulations to new packaging or accessories, through new techniques of application. The round table will be moderated by Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk, Genealogy, and will gather Sumatra Batra, Ziba Beauty, Virginia Bonofiglio, Fashion Institute of Technology and the Make-up Artists Michele Burke and Eve Pearl.