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MakeUp In and Luxe Pack: “The winning pair!”

Eight months ago, the Beauteam Company, the organizer of the MakeUp In trade shows, was joining the InfoPro Digital Group, the organizer, among others, of the Luxe Pack trade shows. A common philosophy, fully exploit synergies when required, particularly on the US West Coast and in Asia, while strengthening the "flagship" and historical trade shows of these two events in Europe and the US East Coast. Overview with Nathalie Grosdidier, Deputy Managing Director of the InfoPro Digital Company, Danielle Rousseau, Sales Manager of Luxe Pack, Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, co-creators of the MakeUp In events.

Nathalie Grosdidier

Nathalie Grosdidier

Premium Beauty News - First question on everyone’s lips: What are the changes exactly in terms of countries and dates?

Nathalie Grosdidier - The answer is quite clear! In general, both events are perfectly complementary and don’t compete with one another! Therefore there is no reason to merge them! On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that we cannot have common strategies in some parts of the world, where one of the events can take draw on the successful implementation of the other.

In Europe, there are no changes. MakeUp in Paris will still take place in June, and Luxe Pack Monaco in October. Complementarity and efficiency.

In the United States, there are no changes either, on the East Coast. Luxe Pack New York will still be held in May, and MakeUp in New York in September. There again, complementarity and efficiency. But on the West Coast, the success of MakeUp in Los Angeles is a fantastic opportunity to launch a first Luxe Pack Los Angeles event, which we had always intended to do. And I can tell you that these two events that will take place at the same time in the same venue, but with two separate show entrances, already promise to be extremely successful.

In Asia, the picture is unchanged. MakeUp in Seoul will take place next April 25th and 26th and Luxe Pack Shanghai will also be held in April, but two weeks earlier, on April 11th and 12th. MakeUp in Seoul is the Asian make-up industry’s favourite event. South Korea remains one of the flagship countries in the make-up sector in the region. Conversely, this time, it is the MakeUp In team that will draw on the historical success of Luxe Pack Shanghai by setting up for the first time, on April 11th and 12th, an area dedicated to make-up. There too, we expect a big success... We have already received a lot of registration requests.

Premium Beauty News - Therefore in Asia, you will have two events organized a few weeks apart. Is it a problem?

Sandra Maguarian - Not at all! In fact, manufacturers are divided into two categories. Those who want to exhibit in Seoul and those who want to be present in Shanghai. For most of them, they are not the same! They have different strategies. Which actually show the first registration requests received. We will launch the MakeUp in trade show in Shanghai the same way we do with all our other trade shows, with carefully selected exhibitors who have strong ambitions in the Chinese market.

Danielle Rousseau

Danielle Rousseau

Premium Beauty News - Concerning Los Angeles and, Shanghai, how are the events organized in concrete terms?

Danielle Rousseau - The general philosophy is: everyone keeps his identity! There will therefore be different entrances and a different show scenery. Concerning Los Angeles, and because the venue makes it possible, there will be a buffer zone between the two events, enabling visitors to make the link and in which will be present manufacturers who have a dual offer, both in make-up and perfume but also cosmetics. For Shanghai, the idea is the same.

Premium Beauty News - What about MakeUp in Sao Paulo?

Sandra Maguarian - We have decided "to let go" the 2017 edition. As you know, the country is in deep economic crisis. Foreign manufacturers are reluctant to invest in this Brazil. Import taxes have reached record levels and inflation is on the rise again. "To let go" does not mean abandon this country. We will consider the opportunity to be back again next year.

Sandra Maguarian et Jean-Yves Bourgeois

Sandra Maguarian et Jean-Yves Bourgeois

Premium Beauty News - Do you have any other ideas for synergy?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - Of course, we always have fresh ideas up our sleeves! But we always bear in mind that we are fortunate enough to have our customers/partners joining us every year in two, three, four and even five trade shows in a row. We cannot expand the list of events forever. New events have to respond to a real need. But it seems obvious that these two concepts, Luxe Pack and MakeUp In, have upset the world of trade shows. They are targeted, efficient, higher-end and perfectly fit current and above all, future demands.

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