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MakeUp in and Luxe Pack: focused on Shanghai and Los Angeles!

The announcement was made on the occasion of the Luxe Pack New York trade show. Following the acquisition, a few weeks ago, by the InfoPro Digital Group - organizer, among other events, of the Luxe Pack trade shows across the world –, of the Beauteam Company, creator and organizer of the MakeUp In events: next year the first MakeUp in Action in Shanghai trade show will indeed be organized alongside the Luxe Pack Shanghai event and the first Luxe Pack Los Angeles concurrently to MakeUp in Los Angeles. Asia and the U.S. West Coast will thus be the first concrete signs of this alliance considered, as soon as its announcement was made, as "a winning alliance" by all players in the Beauty and Luxury industry the world over. Explanations by Nathalie Grosdidier, InfoPro, and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, co-creator with Sandra Maguarian of the Beauteam Company.

Nathalie Grosdidier

Nathalie Grosdidier

Premium Beauty News - The "MakeUp In" trade shows and the Luxe Pack trade shows, a marriage of convenience?

Nathalie Grosdidier - Much more than that, an obvious complementarity serving the entire Luxury and Beauty sector offering huge opportunities in terms of synergy in certain geographical areas. And a common feature, Excellence in very specific niches: luxury packaging and the make-up and skincare industry, from ingredients to digital technologies, including packaging and make-up accessories. Two series of events bringing together the "cream" of global suppliers with the highest responsibility levels. Unique, quality events, unlike no others, that focus on efficient contacts and business opportunities within a very short period of time, by offering professionals all inclusive services to allow them to only concentrate on what matters most: their products, clients and suppliers. The whole of it, with an optimal budgetary envelope. Allow me to recall some figures concerning the shows: Luxe Pack Monaco hosts 480 exhibitors and is attended by 8,600 visitors, at Luxe Pack New York, there are 250 exhibitors and 3,700 visitors, while at Luxe Pack Shanghai there are 200 exhibitors and 4,000 visitors. As for the MakeUp In trade shows they bring together more than 500 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors each year. Figures speak for themselves!

Jean-Yves Bourgeois

Jean-Yves Bourgeois

Premium Beauty News - You mean complementarity and synergy while respecting the personalities of each partner? This is the case in Europe and on the east coast of the United States...

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - Absolutely! It makes no doubt that MakeUp in Paris, which takes place every year in June at the Carrousel du Louvre, has become a must, just like Luxe Pack in Monaco in October. A perfect geographic, strategic and temporal complementarity. MakeUp in New York, which takes place each year in September and Luxe Pack New York in May, have the same positioning; both of them have succeeded in making a name for themselves in the United States by offering exactly what U.S. professionals are looking for. But the world of make-up and luxury packaging is not confined to the European continent and the U.S. east coast. The success met by the first two editions of MakeUp in Los Angeles is the best proof. There are indeed two countries in the United States that complement one another. Similarly, the successes of MakeUp in Asia in Seoul and of Luxe Pack in Shanghai perfectly demonstrate the economic and cultural variety of a region with fast changing demographics.

Premium Beauty News - Rumours circulating were correct, you can now confirm for 2018, the creation of the first Luxe Pack Los Angeles concomitantly to MakeUp in Los Angeles and of the first MakeUp in Action in Shanghai alongside Luxe Pack Shanghai?

Nathalie Grosdidier - Actually our strategy in Asia is quite simple! MakeUp in Asia in Seoul, which was literally acclaimed this year by visitors and exhibitors, proved its efficiency and popularity and will remain in Seoul next end of April 2018. And to meet the needs of many companies wishing to extend the "MakeUp In" concept to China, they will also be delighted with the first edition of a MakeUp in Action in Shanghai alongside Luxe Pack Shanghai, early April. As for the United States, the winning momentum generated by MakeUp in Los Angeles will fully serve the first edition of Luxe Pack Los Angeles at the beginning of next year. In both cases, be it in Asia or in the United States, exhibitors in the luxury and beauty industry will take advantage of the efficiency, complementarity and richness of contacts.

Sandra Maguarian

Sandra Maguarian

Premium Beauty News - MakeUp in Paris will open its doors in a few days. How are the prospects looking?

Sandra Maguarian - They are excellent, of course! About 160 exhibitors and some 3,000 visitors expect... A new edition more than ever dedicated to innovation and digital. The unavoidable appointment of the global make-up and skincare industry.

Premium Beauty News - And Luxe Pack Monaco next fall?

Nathalie Grosdidier - More than ever unique! This global showcase of creative packaging has many surprises in store for visitors with many launches and innovations to discover at the stands. Like last year, a specific programme will be dedicated to digital with again the C2L-Connect to Luxury, a show within the show. There will also be a focus on arts and crafts related to packaging, sustainable development of course,with the Luxe Pack in green award and many more highlights that help put forward the tremendous innovation potential of the entire industry and seize emerging trends. Without forgetting conviviality as always, especially since we will be celebrating the 30th edition.

Premium Beauty News - A few words on this new edition of Luxe Pack New York that just closed its doors...

Nathalie Grosdidier - This fifteenth edition was marked by interactivity and a lot of visitors appreciated the various animations offered such as the Turbo Talks, the Creativity Workshop, the Innovations Wall, and the Seminars. Not to mention the conference programme that brought together more than 1,000 people over the 2 days. A new record!

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