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Make-up subcontracting in the U.S.: the consistent business card of The Color Factory

Another two short years to go and officials at The Color Factory, an American company specialized in make-up and skin-care, will celebrate their thirty years of existence. Based in Sun Valley, near Los Angeles, the firm which employs 250 people is unquestionably one of the largest U.S. subcontractors of its kind, not to say the largest on the West Coast. Review details with Kathryn Geller, Sales and Marketing Executive.

Premium Beauty News - How do you stand today in the industrial spectrum of the U.S. Beauty sector?

Kathryn Geller - What can, in my opinion, best express our positioning is summed up in a few key words: “Production capacity, flexibility, responsiveness, research and development.”

The Color Factory is a complete cosmetic & skincare development and manufacturing company. We stand as the west coast leaser in all phases of contract manufacturing. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide a full line of cosmetic & skincare products for lips (natural & organic, silicone mould lip stick, lip gloss, lip pencil, lip powder), for the face (pressed face powder, loose face powder, mineral and organic powder, cream and mineral foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer), cheeks (pressed, loose blush, cream and bronzer), eyes (loose, pressed and cream eye shadow, eye liner, eye pencil, mascara), skin care (anti-aging, oil control, mineral, natural, organic, SPF), bath & bodies (cleanser, scrub, moisturizer, cellulite), and, last but not least, special categories like baked or multi-colored powders, over-sprayed design, custom hot pour, and also fragrances (liquid and solid perfume).

Premium Beauty News - Impressive and comprehensive range indeed! Now, can you provide us with some figures on your production capacity?

Kathryn Geller - Well I can tell you for example that we can produce about 140,000 lipsticks per week (two shifts). Our total filling capacity for tubes per week per shift is 100,000 pieces. A figure that reaches 140,000 pcs per shift for the filling of liquid lotions, and 50,000 pcs for creams. The powder area where we are certainly among the best performers in the U.S. accounts alone for nearly 50% of our business. We also have nine Dosa Pack Powder Presses with various tooling (capacity on single color, 10 000 pcs per shift; capacity on duo, trio and quads, 5000 pcs per shift), and on the other hand, one fully automatic filling line 2 X twin head Auger fillers (capacity, 15 000 pcs per shift, Auto Plus Insertion, Auto Cap Placement and Tighten, Auto Shrink band application, Auto base label application, video ink jet and laser coding). Not to mention one off single head Auger Filler (capacity, 10,000 pcs per shift).

Regarding mascara and lip gloss, we can produce some 50,000 pcs per day (single shift).

I must say that we have always wanted to have the ultimate in production lines.

Premium Beauty News - Quality is obviously essential!

Kathryn Geller - Essential of course! We work with Customers to define their quality expectations, and then we manufacture products that exceed their expectations. The Color Factory does this by qualifying all manufacturing processes with which these expectations can be met. We also verify that each defined characteristics they desire is provided through careful monitoring. We check all raw materials and components to make sure they meet the physical properties required, and to ensure they are free of all microbiological contaminants prior to use. Completed formulas are tested and color matched to the specifications of the Customer. The manufacturing process allows for the Customer to give formula approval prior to filling. The production processes are monitored very closely by production and quality employees. Upon completion, the finished products are evaluated to ensure they exceed the Customer’s expectations.

Premium Beauty News - You rather prefer working on large volume or do you accept smaller orders?

Kathryn Geller - Our manufacturing equipment is too large to accept small orders, however from time to time we break that rule. When someone comes to us with an idea that we believe in, we go to any lengths to help them. Sometimes they turn out to be next year’s large account. That being said, the minimum quantity we accept is of the order of 5,000 per shade, but it is true that the company’s strategy is more focused on key accounts. We can say that we are now mostly working with ten major groups from the US Beauty sector.

Premium Beauty News - Do you operate more on the mass-market segment or the upper-end one?

Kathryn Geller - We have very good clients in each sector. We concentrate on the client’s needs, not where their products are sold. Clearly, rather more on the upper-end one. At least, we are recognized as such! Every twelve weeks, we present our customers a whole range of new products thanks to the seven people who work exclusively in the product development service.

Premium Beauty News - Being a major subcontractor in the US cosmetic sector, you are at the heart of trends. Precisely, what are they?

Kathryn Geller - The biggest trend we see is multiple use products. Consumers are savvier than ever and products that are a great value or eye catching and new do really well. We have noticed a very sharp come back, not to say a real enthusiasm for lipstick at the expense of traditional lip gloss. Powder remains a flagship product with the desire to offer diverse and varied palettes.

Premium Beauty News - You are mostly working today for the U.S. domestic market.... what are your plans for tomorrow?

Kathryn Geller - We are developing new technologies in manufacturing and products not currently on the market that will appeal to the global high end market. Yes, we are mostly focused on the US market. However, the majority of the brands that we manufacture for distribute their products globally.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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