Quite a remarkable success for this family-run company founded thirty years ago by the Pałyska family, still the owner to date, and who has carved a place for itself over time both around its own make-up brand Bell, but also, increasingly, through its subcontracting activity which combined operates on forty markets and with one of its characteristics being the almost total integration, from the manufacturing of its proprietary formulas to the production of packaging (six twenty injection moulding machines).

Bell’s main customers for outsourcing are German companies and those of Central and Western Europe. "But we are stepping up our commercial presence in both the United States and Asia," we were told at the Jozefow headquarters.

Regarding Bell brand, products are available in more and more countries around the world, not only in Europe but also in Arabic and Asian markets.

Topping the list of products coming from the subcontracting, lipgloss and lipstick are bestsellers and these are produced in highest volumes. But we offer the full array of make-up products," explains the officials. “Each season we create new products to bring a palette of brilliant and vivid hues. We provide high-quality services in contract manufacturing of colour cosmetics. Established in 1983, we were the first colour cosmetic brand in Poland with the full make-up range. Paying attention to quality, both in production and service is our priority. We select ingredients and use only high quality raw materials from well-known, verified suppliers. All finished products, raw materials and components are controlled by qualified quality control department. Bell also cooperates with independent, external laboratories and research institutions. All products are produced according to EU legal regulations.


A subcontracting activity whose development requires constant investments. Hence the arrival next year of production machines ‘back injection’, ‘multi-colour pressed powder’ and ‘multi-colour liquid powder’, whose main advantages stands in a perfect mastery of the filling of colour cosmetics in their packaging, the possibility to inject several hues and/or textures at the same time, to achieve extremely varied patterns since it’s possible to inject in a hollow imprint, and, in the end, obtain a very high quality product. Bell focuses on investing in new machines and equipment to increase its production capacity and products’ quality. The plans of growth and investments concern also packaging production and decoration area, as Bell has its own packaging and decoration production.