Lipstick isn’t dead yet! The pandemic has certainly meant it’s been out of the spotlight for a while, relegated to the background by mask wearing, but we haven’t seen the last of it. It is even making a comeback in its most daring shade, a vivid orange that will not go unnoticed this summer. It remains to be seen if it will really get to be seen by the world live in the flesh, or if it will rather make a statement as the star product in beauty styling pix posted on social networks.

Need for optimism

And yet, by all indications the global pandemic was at the root of a return to more natural makeup looks, with a smoothed-out but not overloaded complexion, lips that are shiny but not tinted, and a more distinct eye, but not overly made up. This penchant for going back to basics is directly linked to lockdowns and the implementation of working from home, as well as to the necessity of wearing a mask in public spaces. Why spend time and effort on a sophisticated makeup look that no one will see? So now what does this return to a vibrant color like this orange signify? The end of the pandemic? That seems somewhat further off. It seems more linked to a need for optimism, freshness and cheerfulness, in response to a gloomy period.

And there’s no denying it! These orange lips, these looks full of energy and daring, have a feelgood effect in the midst of the covid era. The positive impact of vibrant colors on the human mind is well known!

Social networks

Followed by nearly 14,000 people on Instagram, Afnan Dano recently posted an ultra bright look, featuring fluorescent orange, from eyelids to lips that has sparked a host of positive reactions. A photo that clear has the power to help forget this complicated period ... at least for a few seconds.

And TikTok is also playing a role; the influencers keep coming, one after another to present their favorite orange lipstick, from pastel to fluorescent shades through orange reds... The views on the hashtag "#orangelipstick" figure in the hundreds of thousands, and orange lipstick is making an appearance in many videos dedicated to spring 2021 trends.

Are ultra-pigmented tones making a comeback?

With this springtime inspiration, one has to wonder if ultra-pigmented shades are set to be back in the spotlight after months of absence. Not only are brands focusing on richly pigmented lipsticks and glosses on social media, but beauty influencers seem to have grown tired of natural beauty looks and are gradually returning to bolder looks. It’s a trend that is usually seen in the fall-winter season, but it lets us look forward to a summer of extravagance. It remains to be seen if it will be possible for everybody to live it to its full extent.