Faber-Castell Cosmetics is part of the Faber-Castell group, one of Germany’s largest and most traditional family-owned companies. Founded in 1761, the group’s turnover achieved a turnover exceeding EUR 400 million for the fiscal year in 2007/2008. Faber-Castell has approximately 7,000 employees in 14 manufacturing sites and currently manufactures cosmetic products in Germany and Brazil, specializing in colour applications: wood-clenched pencils, capillary systems and liquids.

Premium Beauty News - What is the outcome of the year 2008 for your company?

Stefano Castelletti - Faber-Castell Cosmetics consistently develops new make-up concepts combining both product and packaging innovations. In 2008, we presented Double Deluxe, our luxury collection for eyes, with a new 3-D decoration technique offering a sensitive reptile "touch". Another example is Truly Natural, an overall ecological make-up concept with a formula certified by Ecocert, FSC-certified wood and a cap made out of biodegradable material.

We also work in interdisciplinary teams with our stationary company to jointly interpret technical expertise in writing instruments into cosmetics. There’s definitely more to come for 2009!

Stefano Castelletti, Managing Director at Faber-Castell Cosmetics

Stefano Castelletti, Managing Director at Faber-Castell Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - Forecasts for the year 2009 are not very optimistic. Within such a context, what is your message to the rest of the industry?

Stefano Castelletti - Despite of downturns the dynamic market for make-up is offering opportunities on a global scale. We should focus on what is important, the products and our business, in an environment that is more sensitive, demanding and ambitious.

At Faber-Castell, we have been managing efficiency regardless of economic downturns and have never really stopped optimising costs, performance and innovation. We will need more focus and cautiousness than before.

Premium Beauty News - Is there a risk that environmental concerns do not survive difficult economic times?

Stefano Castelletti - Sustainability and respecting the environment are counted among the core values at Faber-Castell to the extent that Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, chairman of the board, was nominated “Ecological Manager of the Year 2008” by WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) Germany and the economic magazine Capital. As such we will continue on managing our business with the sustainability principles that are traditional for Faber-Castell from product development to factory emissions: ecological balance and ecological reporting. It’s our Nature because we are convinced that business success implies ethic standards.