A&P Unico: Packaging to full service

Specialized in the production of make-up compacts (60% of its activity), A&P Unico, another Taiwanese-based company since 1987, has an integrated production site in Guangzhou, China, providing full service starting from product design, mould building of packaging, to formulation and filling operations. Georges Huynh, the founder and President of A&P Unico, adopted and implemented high-level management systems to this site, the Taiwanese way, from his past successful experience in Taiwan.

Being an expert in the packaging field,” explained Bonnie Huynh, Assistant of the President of A&P, “A&P has more than 400 standard packaging items for clients to choose. Combining with our formulation and filling services, we could help our clients to cope with the rapidly changing markets, and stay competitive. Recently, besides our in-house spraying, lacquering, and metalizing, we are proud to announce our 2 new decoration methods: 3D printing and Gel Top! These innovations have also created more personalized and trendy packaging for clients. As a result, A&P has become not only a renowned supplier, but also a reliable and sustainable business partner for some famous cosmetic brands from all over the world.

Total Solutions from Bottlemate

Bottlemate is a superb Korean company from Taiwan, founded in 1982, which now weighs about 80 million dollars in sales with a total workforce of 600 people, located in Taiwan, China, in Los Angeles (since 1990) and Germany (since 2006). Historically specialized in the production of jars, vials, airless bottles and various plastic containers, in 2012 the firm reached another milestone in its full service strategy with the creation of Cospro, specialized in the formulation and filling of cosmetics. A strategy that will be intensified this year with a 20% increase in the investment planned for this segment. In 2013, the company, continuing its expansion, created a branch in Tokyo.

Through the IS0 9001 Quality Control System, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systematic Authentication,” explained Kevin Tseng, Executive vice General Manager, “Bottlemate maintains sound internal business operations and client database, from raw materials to manufactured products, from business managements to production environment, we all follow precise ISO regulations. We guarantee precision in all aspects of our production with an innovative mind set.

To meet today’s market demands, Bottlemate actively engages in on-going research and development of new products, from a diverse range of products, creating the most innovative products for our clients. At the same time, we impose strict quality control prior to the marketing of new products. We conduct vacuum, torque, heat/freeze testing, and carefully measure capacity and size specifications to guarantee the correct size prior to market circulation. We also conduct a secondary inspection before product packaging, and again prior to shipping in order to preserve our product’s quality. Consistent product quality control is systematically conducted prior to shipping.

Cho Chuang invests in formulas

Cho Chuang Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturers in the Taiwan Area,” explains Connie Liu, Commercial Director. “Since 1981, we have developed aluminium products. We then created our own mould factory with empty container manufacturing and hot stamping/ printing equipment and a Lab specialised in make-up products. These 20 years of continuous efforts have enabled us to gather valuable experience and become a professional and reliable cosmetics supplier. Requiring a variety of expertises, our make-up products range from empty cosmetic containers to finished products. We offer OEM and ODM services. In 2003, our company passed the ISO9001 certification. This is one of our competitive advantages. The main products manufactured are empty cosmetic containers (mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner and lipstick cases, power cases and nail polish bottles) but also finished cosmetic products (mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow, foundations, lipstick, nail polish, etc.).

On the industrial side, the company has five production sites. The management plans to relocate all five production sites, to a single 12,000 sqm site by the end of this year. Total turnover, 20 million euros, 70% of which coming from formulation. Progression rate expected this year, +30%. Main investments to come: new assembly machines.

We are not only a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer and supplier,” emphasises Connie Liu, “but we also offer OEM and ODM customized services. We have a large-scale factory and a complete production line to manufacture numerous cosmetics products. Our company was granted the ISO9001 certification in 2003. We have been in business for 30 years, manufacturing cosmetic packaging, formulations and turn key products. Our main products include eye-shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lipgloss, nail polish, face compact powders, blushers, lipsticks, foundations, and so on.