J.K. Hwang

J.K. Hwang

FSKorea’s new plant is located in Hebei, Cangzhou city, China and with a surface of 8,800 sqm formatted to produce some 30 million units per year (NBR, SBR, Cotton Puff, Flocking, EPDM, Cellulose). To note that the plant is using toxic-free sponge (latex free) materials with a toxic neutralizing agent. Amount invested: one million dollars.

A new production plant for this Korean company which comes in addition to the one that produces more than 100 million mascaras per year and to other plants in Asia and even in Belgium that produce brushes, compacts, airless packagings and eyeliners. “FSKorea,” explains its President, J.K. Hwang, “is a company that built its prosperity through innovation and creativity. We are constantly looking for new ways to meet and exceed customer requirements in terms of design. Our teams also provide turnkey packaging development solutions, while maintaining a precise control of the budget and draft according to the set deadlines.

25 years of development!

Since its inception in 1988, FSKorea remains indeed a model of its kind in terms of development. That year, the firm with only 10 people, was manufacturing its first brushes in a small factory to achieve a turnover of USD 230,000. In 2000 the company posted a turnover of USD 12 million and with a staff of 400 people! In 2005, a fourth plant for the manufacturing of brushes emerged, also in China, north of Beijing and a fifth on in 2007. During the year 2009 the Research & Development Centre was created in Seoul. In 2010, the Head of FSKorea decided to acquire a metal processing plant with a staff of 150.

Last year FSKorea will have seen its sales reach the USD 40 million mark.