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Make-up formulation: Italy’s Regi, changes name for Regi Laboratories and asserts global ambitions

The Italian firm specializing in the research and manufacturing of makeup products finally unveils its ambitions of sitting at the table of the global groups. Regi Laboratories is the new name of a company with a unique and differentiated style. With a consolidated and expanding footprint in India and the US, the company is headquartered near Milan, in Crema, where we meet Vittoria Cicchetti, CEO.

Vittoria Cicchetti

Vittoria Cicchetti

Premium Beauty News - What are the reasons for this name change to Regi Laboratories?

Vittoria Cicchetti - We have constantly been investing in makeup innovation, creating our formulas and anticipating new trends. Our unique style was perfectly synthetized and communicated through our characteristic pink thinking. Time is up now to show how creativity and technical mastery can move ahead in harmony. Regi Laboratories, in combination with an added blue twist to our trademark pink color, communicates the evolution of the corporate identity and turns on the spotlights on our technical side, our global R&D team and our continuous innovations in makeup products.

However, Regi Laboratories is still the ‘Pink it up’ Company our customers love, where creativity and originality are encouraged, where our ‘pink’ attitude helps us develop new solutions and where our customers can feel protected. It is a piano keyboard with blue and pink keys!

Premium Beauty News -You claim being a “Global Company”

Vittoria Cicchetti - Yes, l think we can say truly that Regi Laboratories has now become a global company. Our International footprint is just the tip of the iceberg, the global dimension is also made of a global network of suppliers, consultants, relationships and attitude, all together aiming at delivering the best local solution. We built over the past years a consistent experience thanks to our production units in the US and in India. We learned to approach a rapidly evolving makeup market. Our secret to effectively manage the global complexity of the countless challenges is indeed our passion, guided by proven organizational models, carefully deployed proven production processes, over-the-edge technology.

Premium Beauty News -Are you satisfied with your results?

Vittoria Cicchetti - Regi US is expected to more than double its turnover year on year in 2018. Such a positive achievement led us to further invest in the company, with an expansion plan for 2019 to expand our current production site size up to 66,000 square feet. We are going to broaden our range of available products and support our customers with all our expertise.

Regi Italy is projected to grow revenues by one third in 2018. A brand-new production unit, right next to the current headquarters, will be ready by the last quarter of 2019 with groundbreaking technologies and innovative industrial processes. Wait and see what we have in the pipeline…

Regi India has been constantly improving its production capacity, equipment and know-how since its opening in 2009, and the same positive trend is expected this fiscal year,

As you can see, being global also means investing in all our units, so that the Italian, US and Indian sites manage to grow and evolve according to the local needs, turning effectively into practice the old and sometimes abused saying: think global, act local.

This is what a global company does.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


  • Regi, changes name for Regi Laboratories and asserts global ambitions. (...)
  • Regi, changes name for Regi Laboratories and asserts global ambitions. (...)
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