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“Make & trade is the cornerstone of Cosfibel’s strategy,” Alain Chevassus

Cosfibel Group, a specialist of secondary packaging and merchadising, has just announced the signature of three new partnerships to complete its offer and get closer to its global customers, Alain Chevassus, the Group’s Chairman, gave Premium Beauty News an update on the main lines of its strategy.

Alain Chevassus,  Chairman of Cosfibel Group

Alain Chevassus, Chairman of Cosfibel Group

In a period of deep and fast transformation for the luxury packaging sector, where brands and consumers’ expectations have shifted to new paradigms, Alain Chevassus intends to bring Cosfibel into a new era. “With a renewed and stabilized operational management, the company now has to write the second part of its history; it will be more global, with an accelerated diversification towards new categories,” he explains.

New partnerships

As a consequence of the mergers and acquisitions game “a small group of multinationals now contributes to two-thirds of the global market,” says the Alain Chevassus. However, as far as the supply side is concerned, the business structure remains fragmented. “To better meet the expectations of their global customers, packaging and merchandising suppliers must consolidate and globalize their offer.

Thus, Cosfibel recently signed three partnership agreements to complete its product ranges and bring its sourcing activities closer to European customers.

First, the company is developing its make and trade policy in Spain thanks to investments at Grumbe and an exclusive partnership agreement to become the exclusive representative in France and Benelux of Tendero, a company specialising in rigid cardboard boxes for the Fashion, Beauty, Wine & Spirits and Fine Foods markets. Located in Alicante, Tendero has eight automatic production lines. It should achieve a turnover of 9 million Euros in 2019. This new industrial capacity will complement Grumbe’s range of boxes and plastic folding cases, extra to the folding line of cardboard gluing they have just been investing in.

In addition, Cosfibel signed a long-term exclusivity agreement with the Franco-Tunisian group La Soie, a recognized specialist in spinning, knitting and sewing. This agreement will enable Cosfibel to develop its catalogue of textile products and accessories in its three Beauty, Wine & Spirits, Fine Food markets. It will also bring its Bags and Accessories activities closer to its main customers.

Finally, Cosfibel also signed a long-term exclusivity agreement with the HPC Group, a specialist in plastic injection and that will be the company’s exclusive contact to develop their sourcing activities in Tunisia.

HPC Tunis also becomes part of Cosfibel’s Urban Network of sales offices around the world to develop the sales in the Maghreb region.

Double digit growth

After a year of consolidation in 2018, Alain Chevassus is highly confident for the current year. "Thanks to a strong management team led by Stanislas Peronnet, a solid commercial team and a healthy financial position, we can expect a double-digit growth in 2019, good profitability and a growth of our global sales, in line with emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.

With 20 sales offices (dubbed “Urban Networks”) around the world, Cosfibel relies on creativity, and proximity to its customers. “We sell creativity, trust and security rather than mere packaging, and that allows us to appeal to the most demanding customers, including in Asia where we forecast to achieve 20% of our turnover soon,” adds Alain Chevassus.

"The story that will be unfolded for Cosfibel is based on a ‘make and trade’ strategy with packaging and merchandising solutions fully dedicated to luxury brands,” concludes the president of Cosfibel.

Vincent Gallon

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