Since December, orders placed via the Maison Matine online store ( have been shipped in plastic-free envelopes with protective padding made of upcycled sheep wool. Developed by the Estonian start-up Woola, this innovative packaging solution offers an aesthetic alternative to bubble wrap. For the brand, it is a way to improve the customer experience while demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development.

Minimal use of plastic

It was during the Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack trade show in Paris, in June 2023, that the idea of using envelopes with wool cushioning developed by Woola was born.

"We strive to produce as little waste as possible and to use as little plastic as possible. That’s why the conventional bubble wrap envelopes we used previously were not a great fit – and on the other hand, cardboard boxes were not suitable due to the size, as there was often a lot of empty space being shipped with our products. This didn’t fit with our image or brand values," said Marie kellou, co-founder and creative director of the brand.

By minimizing the use of plastic and the size of packages, Woola envelopes are perfectly in line with Maison Matine’s eco-responsible commitment since its creation in 2019.

Aesthetic features in line with the brand’s image

Beyond their environmental credentials, the differentiating design and the strong and durable materials of Woola’s envelopes also helped to convince the founders of Maison Matine.

"We chose Wool Envelopes to elevate our brand image related to sustainability and enhance the customer experience. The packaging used in ecommerce is the first contact customers have with the Maison Matine brand. In fact, as soon as they receive our products in Wool Envelopes, they see our commitment to eco-responsibility," added Marie Kellou.

Upcycled wool

In 2023, Mademoiselle bio, the French brand specializing in certified organic cosmetic products, also chose Woola’s wool envelopes for sending its small packages.

Wool Envelopes are a sustainable alternative to plastic bubble mailers, while offering identical or even better protection guarantees, a reduced amount of "air" (as compared to cardboard boxes) and a much higher quality package in the mailboxes of our customers,Stéphanie Fortunade, Marketing & Communications Manager at Mademoiselle bio, commented at that time.

Orders of 5000 or more Wool Envelopes can be customised with the client’s logo, which will be printed in black, instead of the Woola logo that’s by default on the front of the envelope, or next to it. In addition to envelopes, Woola also offers protective sleeves for glass bottles made of surplus sheep wool.

A winner of the LVMH Innovation Award in 2023, in the “Sustainability and Greentech” category, Woola uses sheep wool as an alternative to bubble wrap in e-commerce shipments. Woola collects wool that would usually be discarded because it is too coarse for the textile industry and transforms it into a protective environmental-friendly packaging.

We founded Woola to help stop the use of fossil fuels. We are replacing protective plastic packaging with sustainable alternatives made of wool that work just as well, but look much better,” highlighted Woola’s CEO and co-founder Anna-Liisa Palatu.