Nathalie Duran, Made By Me

Nathalie Duran, Made By Me

Solid formulas, layering, eco-design, new gestures... the new Made By Me brand concept combines several of the major trends of the moment, in particular, the personalisation of one’s perfume, the intimacy and practicality of the gesture.

"After 20 years spent in the cosmetics sector. I witnessed the progression of the ability to take ownership of one’s make-up or skincare, in particular through tutorials and influencers. I thought it was a pity not to apply this for perfume and thus bring out one’s personality, one’s inner emotions, but also to be able to break away from it so as not to be confined to the same register," explains the creator.

Layering or the superposition of several juices or single florals already introduced by some brands does not suit her. Because the volume and the liquid format of traditional perfumes entail too many constraints, Nathalie Duran explored the solid perfume avenue with formulas that she wanted to be soft and non-greasy, but also coloured to accentuate the "tutorial dimension".

"We went looking for make-up formulas and worked on solutions that contain colours that fade on the skin. These formulas also had to adapt to a high perfume concentration because our fragrances are 11% concentrated," adds the creator.

Five perfumes were created by the Perfumers Domitille Michalon Bertier, Caroline Dumur and Fanny Bal from IFF on the theme of Nude, to project a true olfactory identity, alone or combined. Like a palette designed by a make-up artist, these fragrances are designed to live together.

At the centre of the palette is All Over U Musk, a full-featured fragrance that serves as a base for the compositions. Revolving around it, Candide Blossom and its orange blossom notes, Orange Fever, Blitz Fig and finally Musk Crush with its sensual notes.

"We recommend making one’s recipe with 1 to 3 fragrances maximum, possibly adding a few hints of the other fragrances depending on the moment or the mood. The most important thing is to explore one’s desires, to make it a fun moment of creation," assures Nathalie Duran.

To achieve the right balance, which is essential for a good release, the brand recommends dosing light colours more than dark colours, which have stronger and more persistent notes.

"In terms of staying power and persistence, the user will be fully satisfied as long as he or she puts enough on. In terms of sillage, we have developed a whole ritual for the wrists and hair," says Nathalie Duran.

The formulas are free of parabens, phthalates and alcohol. The packaging - a palette of five or two fragrances - is made of 100% recyclable or reusable cardboard, and covered with a bioplastic coating.

The brand has been available online since 8 March and plans to open a retail site in South Korea by the end of the year, as well as developing a new palette of five fragrances in 2022.