The company is certified PEFC for the chain of custody, mills and products. In 2009, M-real was placed 2nd in its field in the Nordic Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and has also implemented an Energy Efficiency System (EES) in all its production units by the end of 2009 and is among the first companies in the world to adopt such a management system

At Luxe Pack Monaco, M-real is showing its two main brands dedicated to beautycare - Carta Elega and Carta Solida. Both are sustainable and lightweight beautycare brands offering cost effectiveness together with excellent surface properties and strength equal to that of heavier grades. These two high quality primary wood fibre cartonboards combine tradition with respect for the environment.

Carta Elega is a fully coated folding boxboard (GC1) with a coated back, recommended for fragrances, make-up products, toiletries, hair coloration products and other demanding packaging. Carta Elega offers superior visual smoothness with high brightness and equal bluish-white shade on both sides providing excellent print quality and a perfect top surface for foil lamination and special features.

Carta Solida is a fully coated board with a white back, recommended for fragrances, make-up products, toiletries and hygiene products. Its brilliant visual appearance enables attractive print results, and its high brightness leaves unprinted areas with a clean look. Carta Solida also holds excellent sensory properties thanks to its high purity.