Strong green demand

200 million bags, 65 million euros in turnover, PAK 2000 remains one of the world’s leading designer - manufacturer of high end paper bags and cardboard set boxes for famous luxury houses, and more specifically leading perfume and cosmetic brands.

"Clearly the environmental trend has become more and more present on the market in recent months. We can estimate that currently 20% to 30% of the market is concerned and this trend can only but accelerate. A movement that finds its origin mainly in France, Italy and Germany," Éric Blanche explained. "And the solutions that we are providing today are fully in line with our clients expectations."

Main decision taken by the managers from the company, to offer a range of bags made from paper the traceability of which being a proof environmental respect (FSC and PEFC certified papers and factories) and with suppliers and converter also being certified. "Which is the case with the ten partner factories with whom we are working!" said Éric Blanche.

Embossing has the place of honour

A development that does not just concern bags but also accessories such as cords which are more and more made with natural cotton. Not to mention printing inks which are made from vegetable materials and glues which are water based.

Finally, an evolution, which does not, on the contrary, keep the company from progressing each day a little more technically. These last months have been particularly rich on this point with the development of very special techniques allowing a deep embossing or with the use of paper combining a soft touch with very sophisticated hot stamping.

Key challenges for the team of PAK 2000 for the months ahead:

- Accompany brands with paper bags that are authentic image and communication vehicles.
- Develop the industrial capacity while ensuring cost control.
- Capitalize on our capacity to innovate, improve responsiveness and the range of solutions.
- Continue to provide solutions for the development of environmentally friendly products.