Luxe Pack, the trade show dedicated to premium packaging, is set to unveil its digital platform, My Luxe Pack, on 30 November 2020.

This platform features a selection of suppliers and innovations from around the world and will offer luxury brands the three essential levers for business development: inspiration, innovation, and interaction. “My Luxe Pack’s features have been designed to support brands in their search for packaging solutions and to promote exchanges and sources of inspiration,” says the platform’s creators.


My Luxe Pack will offer a showcase of packaging suppliers exhibiting at Luxe Pack Monaco. This international platform will link the Monaco, New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai trade show communities that have existed for 34 years.

From 30 November to 2 December 2020, talks by brands and expert analyses, in the form of digital keynotes or round tables, will mark the launch of the platform.

Three predominant areas in the issues facing luxury brands are focused on this year:

- Dramatically altered packaging trends, both in consumer habits and the use of materials;
- A completely redesigned consumer experience at the centre of the luxury value proposition;
- Circularity, which is a real issue for engaged brands.

(See detailed programme in the table here below.)

This webinar programme will solely be available in English in order to allow the entire Luxe Pack community to access it. Free inscriptions will open on mid-November.

Innovation and sustainable development

Throughout the year, each exhibitor has the possibility to upload its packaging solutions, best-sellers, and innovations to the platform ensuring that users discover the latest innovations as soon as they are launched. Over 1,500 products are expected to be available from the end of November! Users can provide information on their current expectations and needs so that suitable products, suppliers, and content can be suggested to them.

On 30 November, brands will also be able to discover the innovations competing for the 2020 Luxe Pack in green Awards.

A panel of professionals from major luxury brands committed to Sustainable Development will meet to study the applications, select the nominees, and elect the winners:

- Sandrine Sommer, Sustainable Development Manager, Moët Hennessy;
- Sandrine Noël, Environmental Manager, Louis Vuitton;
- Nicolas Mathieu, Eco-Design Packaging Innovation Manager, Chanel Parfums Beauté;
- Olivier Wenden, Vice President and CEO, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
- Patricia Beausoleil, Head of Home, Environments & Design, Peclers.

For the first time, users will be able to vote online for their favourite eco-designed innovation which will be winner of the People’s Choice Luxe Pack in green Monaco 2020 award. The panel will announce the winner live on 2 December at 4 p.m.


My Luxe Pack has also been designed as an opportunity for exchanges and direct interaction between suppliers and brands. A secure instant messaging and a videoconferencing tool will allow exchanges throughout the year.

Through My Luxe Pack, our team will be continuing its business facilitator role by supporting suppliers and brands in a model that is complementary to that of physical trade shows. Our desire is initially to maintain the link between our exhibitors and the entire Luxe Pack brand community in an extremely complex time for them to support them in their recovery and then to combine the face-to-face and digital experiences for the benefit of all our customers,” said Fabienne Germond, Director of the Luxe Pack trade shows.


November 30th - December 2nd 2020
Inscriptions for free from mid-November

Monday November 30th

11.00am – 11.40am
Between indulgence and practical… Redefining the contours of resilient and multi-sensory creations through the prism of new consumer values.
Ending by a Q&A live session

KEYNOTE by Patricia Beausoleil, Head of Home, Environments, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle Creative Director, Peclers
The health crisis we are currently experiencing is accelerating our yearning for change in our lifestyles. A sign of a new evolution. Within this context, a new dynamic is being developed. It is illustrated by packaging innovation full of social meaning, ethical commitment, and sustainability in order to trigger sensory and emotional experiences.

[4.00pm – 4.40pm]
Matter & Environment: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… So simple?
Ending by a Q&A live session

KEYNOTE by Quentin Hirsinger, Founder, materiO’ and Elodie Ternaux, Co-Founder, Hyloh
Today there is real complexity in the choice of materials in the packaging sector. The pack is no longer perceived as a case and protection, but above all as a potential waste. In addition, the sector has to face the multiplication of constraints, health, environmental, functional, normative etc ...
materiO’ world library on material innovation, proposes to break some received ideas on this subject, while highlighting the most relevant materials selected by their experts ...

Tuesday December 1st

[11.00am– 11.40am]
Customer Experience (CX): The Ultimate Luxury Industry Battleground
Ending by a Q&A live session

KEYNOTE by Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus, Chairman PK Customer Experience Institute
CEO and Founder Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus & Associates Consulting

Conducting a call for papers on “More than just brands, status, and exclusivity? Exploring the Luxury Experience and Luxury Experience Management”
Professor of Customer Experience Strategy and Management, International University of Monaco
Winner 2016 Marketing Science Institute MSI Top Download Paper, among many others

Based upon his award-winning research on measuring and managing the CX research, Prof. Klaus will highlight CX’s crucial importance for the luxury industry. He will explain how and why CX-centric companies outperform their competition by up to 600% and discuss the role of packaging in the CX.

[4.00pm – 4.40pm]
Implementing Circular Systems - Challenge, Opportunity or Both?
Ending by a Q&A live session

PANEL moderated by Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder Positive Luxury, Butterfly Mark

- Sandrine Noël, Responsible for Sustainable Development, Louis Vuitton

- Marie-Ann Watchtmeister, Co-Founder, Courbet Jewelry

- Mike Rose, Director of Brands Packaging, Macallan

- Al Iannuzzi, Vice-President Sustainability, Estée Lauder

Despite the promise of the Circular Economy, which aims to deliver economic growth without waste, businesses have been slow to embrace it. Is implementing circular systems a challenge, opportunity or both?

Wednesday December 2nd

[11.00am – 11.40am]
Utopia: Imagine the future of luxury packaging
Ending by a Q&A live session

KEYNOTE by Katja Graisse and Stéphane Galienni, Co-Directors of Balistik Art agency
Presentation of the six main themes of Balistik Art’s prospective book called UTOPIA: Imagine the Future of Luxury Packaging.
What will be the most trendy color codes for 2021? What graphic styles will prevail on influencer networks? What are the most attractive packaging formats for premium customers? What innovations to look out for in smart packaging?
Based on a series of examples and best practices in wine and spirits, gastronomy, beauty, fashion and fine jewelry, the two speakers will present new luxury codes transposed to packaging design, design trends and new fashionable materials necessary to manufacture the luxury cases of the future for your exceptional products.

[4.00pm – 4.30pm]
LUXE PACK in green Monaco 2020 Awards & “People’s Choice” Announcement

In the presence of the jury members:

- Sandrine Sommer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Moët Hennessy

- Sandrine Noël, Sustainable Development Manager, Louis Vuitton

- Nicolas Mathieu, Eco-Design Packaging Innovation Manager, Chanel Parfums Beauté

- Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

- Patricia Beausoleil, Head of Home, Environments, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle Creative Director, Peclers