Always more eco-friendly packaging

The question of the durability of packaging, and particularly the plastic issue, was present on many stands. The concept of plastic repulsion is a rising trend that requires manufacturers to innovate in order to use less of it, facilitate recycling, or propose alternative solutions with recycled or bio-sourced plastic. Albéa presented in its green corner its range of easily recyclable mono-material products, such as the EZ’R, a 100% recyclable plastic foam pump. While at its stand, RPC Bramlage presented its Ecosolution range, a fully recyclable set with a plastic pump.

For perfumes, research is focused on the separability of materials, and particularly of the pump vs. the bottle, either for recycling optimization or as a refilling option.

Along the same line, Albéa presented its latest innovation in the area of perfume pumps: the screw pump Spiral. This screw pomp makes the bottle both refillable and recyclable. Its carbon footprint is thus reduced by 21% compared to standard metal screw pumps. Spiral is available in 100 ml and 10 ml size, a travel format that meets the strong demand for small formats in perfumery.

The Aptar Group also presented a screw-off version of its La Petite et Precious pumps in a 100ml format and the Metapack company, standard bag sprays, concrete case bases and lipstick tubes in a refillable version, and new this year, a perfume in a refillable roll-on tube to wear as a pendant.

The glass maker Verescence chose to give pride of place to this notion of ecodesign, with a focus on two of its bestsellers in the field: the recycled glass NEO Infinite, which was chosen for Bulgari’s new Man Wood Essence, and its range of lightweight glass.

To illustrate how luxury and sustainable development could go in hand, the glass maker went one step further by proposing Upcycled, a concept of recycled and lightened glass bottle, decorated with recycled materials, topped with a glass stopper and connected via Visual Recognition Technology to allow traceability access, and which contains a juice made by Givaudan based on apple waste.

To meet the growing trend for "glassification" including bottle covers, Verescence presented Bowie, a glass cabochon.

Arcade Beauty focused on the eco-design trend with its new aluminium-free sachet. A more sustainable alternative, which reduces the carbon footprint by 22%.

In the paper sector, Metsä Board, put forward the ingenuity of the designer Liro Numminen, who created a eco-friendly alternative to the bubble wrap used in e-commerce boxes. Entirely made of paperboard, this functional innovation will enable any form of product to be safely packed.

With connectivity always in mind

With the NFC technology or visual recognition, each packaging can be connected either for securing purposes or to create a link between the brand and the consumer.

With its Internet Of Beauty offer, Albéa took up the challenge of integrating the NFC technology into several of its primary packagings, a mascara, a lipstick and a powder compact were showcased, and the Company also guaranteed it could be added to any other type of packaging including in perfumery. Integrated to paper or textile materials respectively by Arjowiggins and Seram, the NFC technology was seen on many stands as a support to a large number of solutions.

Marketing agility

Aptar now proposes its offer around the dispensing La Petite, Note and Color Code as a full service offer. The offer includes a glass bottle, its decoration, the secondary packaging and the conditioning. Aptar thus intends to act as a one stop supplier for brands seeking to optimize time to market.

Towards ultra-personalization

Silgan offers customizable extensions for spray actuators. With always a focus on time to market, the manufacturer created moulds to reduce both design costs and manufacturing time. With the same objective, the company has succeeded in automating the feeding of its high-speed laser marking machines, thus making this personalization technology more accessible and therefore available for small series or sampling.

For its part, Seram unveiled an in-store concept of ultra-personalization with the implementation of a store display making it possible to print or engrave on different materials, textile or leather patches. The consumer can then place the item on its bottle to make it unique.

Renew customer experience

In terms of customer experience at the point of sale, IDScent has unveiled its innovation, ScentCloud, a diffuser integrated into a base or a customizable display at the point of sale, which delivers thanks to a nebulising system "a perfume mist", thus transcribing very faithfully all the perfume’s notes.