This year, Luxe Pack Monaco will add two new events: the third edition of...

This year, Luxe Pack Monaco will add two new events: the third edition of Luxe Formulation, focusing on formulation and full-service for perfumery and cosmetics, and the brand new C2L, Connect to Luxury, an exclusive event dedicated to the digital transformation of the luxury industry.

The Luxe Pack trade show, which will open tomorrow in Monaco during three days will gather more than 450 exhibitors originating from 35 countries (48% from France, 46% from other European countries and 6% from the rest of the world).

New exhibitors

This year, Luxe Pack will host 34 new exhibitors, including: Coepto (a German communication and marketing agency, specialist of high end solutions), Carré d’Ébène (a manufacturer of exceptional cases), Desjardin (a manufacturer of metal packaging), Duran Dogan (a company born from the fusion of Duran Offset and Dogan Packaging, focusing on environmental friendly high-end packaging solutions), JL Packaging Group (a specialist of metal packaging decoration), Metal Dynamics (a manufacturer of customized products for the fashion and luxury industry), Nastrificio de Bernardi (an Italian company specializing in the production and marketing of ribbons), Overkart (a manufacturer of high quality solutions within the printing and packaging industry), Revol (a French firm with over 245 years of expertise in the craft of ceramics), Sicofor (a company with over 35 years of experience in the design and the manufacturing of samples and single doses for sale), Stager (a supplier of specific packaging solutions for applications in transparent and thermoformed plastics), Rathgeber (a producer of labelling solutions for companies in the industry, retail and services), Vietis (a specialist of custom plastic packaging solutions, primarily for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies), and several others.


Once a year, Luxe Pack also invites visitors to explore new consumer trends and source solutions for the growing challenges surfacing within the luxury industry. As usual, the show will put packaging innovation at the forefront, but also sustainable developments with the Luxe Pack in Green competition.

This year, the candidates for the Luxe Pack in Green awards, selected by the jury from the many applications received, are:

Category 1: Environmentally-Committed Packaging Solutions

- Bormioli Luigi (Eco jar)
- Eska Graphic Packaging (Eska Black)
- Artoria (Porcelain cases)
- Duran Dogan Packaging (Gloss & Green)
- Favini (Crush Bean)

Category 2: Corporate Social Responsibility

- Laboratoire Science et Nature
- Albéa
- Bormioli Luigi
- Verescence (ex-SGD)
- Marvon

Luxe Pack in Green will be awarded on Wednesday 21 September at 6:00 pm, in the Luxe Pack conference hall.

Expanded boundaries

After having opened its doors, two years ago, to companies specialising in formulation and full-service for perfumery and cosmetics, with Luxe Formulation, Luxe Pack once again expands its boundaries with Connect To Luxury (C2L), a new area dedicated to digital space, and a series of dedicated conferences.

As the luxury industry requires new solutions, Luxe Pack Monaco has broadened its parameters and developed 3 events into 1 singular setting in response to the demand,” explain the show’s organizers.