The trade show dedicated to creative packaging for premium and high-end brands will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on April 12th & 13th, 2023.

A platform for creative packaging solutions

This year Luxe Pack Shanghai will bring more than 200 exhibitors, displaying their latest innovations, including primary packaging, boxes, design, anti-counterfeiting solutions, alternative materials, and smart packaging solutions.

Among them, Shanghai Lesu 3D Technology will bring the "Lesu 3D Print-CMF physical model system", which established a set of voxel printing technology based on real materials and multiple materials, by integrating the latest voxel 3D printing technology and rich consumer product development experience. Kurz Group will bring a new "Light Line® KSe® KSO laser foil", which leaves no PET residue, and features an ultra-thin metal layer to make the material easier to recycle. AFA Dispensing Group will present the fourth generation Flairosol spray, a patented dispensing technology that does not contain any pressurized gas or other substances harmful to the environment.

The show will also gather about 6,000 professionals from cosmetics & fragrance, jewelry & watches, fine food, fashion & accessories, wine & spirits and other premium brands.

Conference program

Luxe Pack Shanghai is also a dedicated platform for sharing insights on hot industry topics such as fragrances, sustainability, innovation, smart technologies and IA. During the two-day event, visitors will have the opportunity to get inspirations and discuss the upcoming trends of the industry with their peers.

Multi-awarded designer Deng Xiongbo will present “360° packaging trends” that create enjoyable and memorable experiences: with strong narratives, consumer engagement and a modern twist to traditional culture codes. Cyril Camus, president of Camus Group, will question the rise of the ultra-premium brands in a speech titled “Breaking free of historical constraints to create timeless beauty.”

Bin Hu, co-founder of Future Matters will lead the panel “Creating new material codes for the green generation” on engineering the future generation of biomaterials, incorporating aesthetics and design principles to challenge the status quo of sustainability. Simone Chen, founder of Vestibule Studio & Little Known, together with Jeff Chong, marketing director of Carlsberg China Group, Tang Lu Ji, general manager of Lesu 3D, artists Jiang Kzeng and Guangyu Zhang, and Christophe Pradère, CEO & founder of BETC will deliver “The Power of Limited Editions: Creative Catalysts for Innovation & Growth”.

Two conferences will be dedicated to fragrance: “5S, A fragrance journey from Grasse to Shanghai” and “France, Perfumes and Heritage brands: what evolution for fragrance knowledge and recent trends?”. Experts will discuss how heritage brands have recently made a comeback in perfumery, and how to appeal to younger generations while remaining proud of a brand’s values and historical legacy.

Isabelle Gavalda, founder of SOMEXING, will deliver “Inspiration 2024: Luxury Design Creative Concepts” to present turnkey luxury design boards that resonate the latest consumer insights and market trends: a creative journey to colors, shapes, graphics, ingredients, and scents!

Luxe Pack Shanghai
April 12th & 13th, 2023
From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on 12th – 13th April (Stop check in at 4:30 p.m.

Open only to professionals with badges.
Detailed program and registration:
Wechat account (LUXE_PACK).