The Italian maker of primary beauty packaging has developed a new dropper with the aim to reinvent the traditional design of this increasingly popular solution.

Aesthetics and functionality

The new elongated dropper does not compromises on functionality as it guarantees “precision in dispensing, safety, and ease of use,” which are crucial features for this type of product in the cosmetic sector.

Calibrating the quantity of product to dispense with Chisel is beyond easy: all you need to do is apply slight pressure to the push-down button and that’s it,” claims Lumson in a statement.

The dropper can be combined with and endless variety of bottles. It’s ideal to use with serums, oils, liquid foundations, or luxury hair treatments.

According to Lumson, Chisel is the perfect example of how a dropper, something that is typically only functional, can transform into “an element that truly enhances a product/brand and its characteristics.”

Lumson’s style rejects the superfluous and focuses on what’s essential, it appreciates the beauty in a simple gesture and prioritizes understated elegance. The minimalist style of Chisel illustrates precise design and the delicate yet innovative application of cosmetics without ever forgetting about ease-of-use and functionality,” explains Romualdo Priore, Lumson’s Marketing Director.