Indeed, requests for “hybrid” products are growing, products that are halfway between treatment and make-up. And the cause for this isn’t only to be found in the effects of the pandemic. There are various factors behind this evolution: the emergence of numerous indie brands on the market able to quickly respond to the needs of consumers (especially younger ones); the spread of marketing claims focused on the use of active ingredients, and a return to “less but better” minimalistic cosmetics. All of which has also touched the world of color cosmetics which has seen the influence of skincare grow, first in the face segment and then in all others, including lip products.

Packaging, an integral part of a cosmetic product, also had to adapt to the new demands and new consumer trends and focus not only on aesthetics but also on ergonomics and sustainability. A technical and technological challenge that has found one of its most renowned players in Lumson.

Lumson and Leoplast

Lumson has developed a series of avantgarde offers for the world of lips thanks to Leoplast’s profound know-how in the research and development of lipsticks, the Italian company purchased by Lumson in 2017.

Leoplast has been operating in the injection moulding of lipsticks, caps, capsules, and containers for make-up since 1978 and also counts L’Oréal Paris among its clients with which the company has been collaborating with since 1980, producing Color Riche, one of the most iconic lipsticks of the famous French cosmetic brand. In 42 years of history, Color Riche has been put on the market infinite times with new finishes and decorations, the result of Leoplast’s extensive experience.

From Sign to Almé, a novelty-rich 2022

A new collection of “eco-conscious” lipsticks has come from the synergy between Lumson and Leoplast, which combines innovation and elegance with a green twist. After PLA 2.0 and airtight A-TX2, in 2022, in paying homage to the most iconic of make-up products – lipstick – Lumson enriches its range with two new lipsticks: Sign and Almé, both available in the classic 12.7 diameter.

Sign, is the lipstick that “leaves its mark”. The unique characteristic being the metal insert on the cap that can be customized with logos, designs, and icons through debossing technology, making it truly exquisite and one-of-a-kind. With Sign, a brand can unleash its imagination and make its lipstick remarkably unique. The base, mechanism and cap are made of PP.

Almé is the lipstick in aluminum, a perfect combination of elegance and functionality. The minimalistic design, with clean, simple lines, makes this lipstick a timeless classic while the use of aluminum, a light, eco-friendly material that is easy to decorate renders Almé a customizable product with the most advanced technologies. The base and cap are made of aluminum while the mechanism is in PP- POM free.