For its latest skin care innovation — Nordic Hydra Birch Dew Jelly — beauty brand Lumene has chosen Eastman Cristal One E Renew, a recyclable resin with molecularly recycled content that is specifically designed for extrusion blow moulding (EBM).

Cristal One E is Eastman’s latest addition to its Cristal One portfolio, giving brands the brilliance and lustre of glass with rigid, thick-wall construction for EBM that is not typically achievable with conventional recycled resins.

Lumene’s ambition is to have 80% of its packaging made of recycled or recyclable materials by the end of 2025. When developing this two-in-one hydrating skin care product, we were looking for a sustainable packaging option that would not compromise on the product presentation. Cristal One E allows visibility of the beautiful formula and elevates the overall consumer experience,” said Julia Vlasova, global senior brand manager at Lumene.

Lumene and Rebhan selected Cristal One E Renew to maximize the sustainability profile of the Nordic Hydra Birch Dew Jelly’s bottles, which feature a vibrant blue gradient decoration. The result is a premium, thick-walled EBM bottle with both 50% certified recycled content [1] and 100% recyclable.

According to Eastman, both the Cristal One E and Cristal One E Renew grades are compatible with the PET recycling stream and are endorsed by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and the European PET Bottle Platform as Resin Identification Code 1 (RIC1).