LLS Beauty’s new Xpozuki [1] active ingredient has been designed to protect the skin, scalp and hair against exposome-induced stressors, defined as the totality of exposures to which an individual is subjected throughout its life, including from the sun, pollution and climate change, as well as chemical and physical aggressions. These factors, combined with the body’s response to each, can lead to premature signs of aging.

Natural origin

This multifunctional, biotechnological ingredient is sourced from organically farmed azuki beans or red mung bean (Vigna angularis). They are rich in a category of natural peptides - that LLS Beauty has named Azukides - which have shown to be responsible for the antioxidant effects of the ingredients. Thanks to proprietary biotechnological processes, LLS Beauty has been able to enrich the content of Azukides in the ingredient.

Xpozuki is made of 100% content of natural origin, as defined by the ISO 16128 standard.

Multiethnic skin, scalp and hair care solution

According to Lubrizol, Xpozuki prevents, defends and repairs damage in the skin, scalp and hair linked to the exposome.

Testing has shown the ingredient provides:

- Skin, scalp and hair protection, defence and repair from exposome damage.
- More protected skin barrier and improved skin appearance, including a more even and brighter skin tone, minimized skin redness and improved surface texture irregularities.
- Improved multiethnic hair vitality with less split ends, improved hair fibre alignment and curl definition and reduced hair frizz and volume.

The firm thus highlights Xpozuki is adapted to all ethnicities, allowing everybody to enjoy outdoor activities while protecting their skin, hair and scalp against exposome-induced stressors.