The event gathered about 350 persons from 130 companies, including the most prestigious cosmetics companies in world, eager to discover the latest collections proposed by Intercos’ staff. Several marketing departments consider this event as unavoidable.

Into the showroom, Dario Ferrari, the group’s president, together with its team, presented 114 new coloured formulations (Intercos), as well as 68 new make-up pens formulations (interfila) and 40 new skincare formulations.

The collections were presented under the theme Love & Desire: “Relevancy and emotional links between products and consumers are key factors of success of a marketing strategy. Today’s consumers ask so much to a brand, much more than ever… because they have seen everything already!Dario Ferrari explains.

Intercos’ research and development department strictly complied with these recommendations:

- Excess-ion, is a range inspired by gold and designed for those that are attracted by an excessive and guilt-free consumption
- I Love Cosmetics, is a range built on the “I need it” concept. The love and desire for items that cannot be missed, that are “emotional necessities”
- Revolution, is a surprising range, where the sounds of rock impose a rapid and furious rhythm: “I’m free to be who I want and when I want”
- Sea beauty … where its about discovering love in a sub aquatic blue and crystalline and sensual world, …
- Cabaret, an elegant and sexy range, teasing one’s sensuality
- Charmed Life, a range for creating one’s own fairytale, for making romances and dreams come true.

Intercos’ new success in the field of innovation is very good news when the economy is slowing down worldwide. “Of course, we need to be careful but, once again, our teams have demonstrated they know how in the anticipation of trends and the design of new products. As far as we are concerned, we remain confident on the possibility to achieve our financial targets, that is to say a 10% increase of our turnover compared to last year, despite the fact that the first months of the year were really tough,” Dario Ferrari says.

Intercos’ confidence in the future is certainly reinforced by the growing demand for “full service” product design and contract manufacturing. “In this area, our experience is a source of reliability for our customers,” explains Dario Ferrari.